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PAR16 vs PAR20 – Best LED Lights – Comparison

    TORCHSTAR LED PAR16 Light Bulbs, 6.5W 500LM Dimmable Spot Light, 40° Beam Angle






    Sunco Lighting 10 Pack PAR20 LED Bulbs 50W Equivalent 7W, Dimmable 3000K Warm White Flood Lights


    PAR16 vs PAR20

    PAR16 vs PAR20:The Torchstar PAR16 and Sunco Lighting PAR20 are both great options for LED bulbs, but which one is the best? Learn more from our comparison. In this comparative analysis, we will compare and contrast the Torchstar PAR16 and Sunco Lighting PAR20 to discover which product is the best.

    PAR16 vs PAR20– Quick Comparison Summary

    • The PAR20 wattage of Sunco Lighting is 6.5W, while the PAR16 wattage of TorchStar is 7W.

    • TORCHSTAR PAR16 lumens are 500, while Sunco Lighting PAR20 lumens are 470.

    • Both Sunco Lighting PAR20 and Torchstar PAR16 have some amazing features in common, like an E26 base, the ability to dim, LED technology, a 40-degree beam angle, and more.

    • TORCHSTAR PAR16 dimensions are 3.2 x 2.5 x 3.2 inches, while Sunco Lighting PAR20 dimensions are 1.97 x 1.97 x 2.8 inches.

    • When compared to Torchstar PAR16, Sunco Lighting PAR20 is more affordable.

    • TORCHSTAR PAR16 weighs 0.01 ounces, compared to 1.6 ounces for Sunco Lighting PAR20.

    • TORCHSTAR PAR16 is made of plastic, while Sunco Lighting PAR20 is made of plastic and aluminum.

    • Compared to Torchstar PAR16 LED bulbs, Sunco Lighting PAR20 LED bulbs are quite popular on Amazon.

    • While the Torchstar PAR16 has a 25,000-hour lifespan and a 5-year warranty, Sunco Lighting’s PAR20 has a 15,000-hour lifespan and a 3-year warranty.

    TORCHSTAR LED PAR16 Light Bulbs, 6.5W 500LM Dimmable Spot Light, 40° Beam Angle

     Sunco Lighting 10 Pack PAR20 LED Bulbs 50W Equivalent 7W, Dimmable 3000K Warm White Flood Lights


    Sunco Lighting PAR20




    Sunco Lighting


      500 Lumens

    470 Lumens





    50 Watts

    50 Watts


    E26 Base


    25,000 hours

    15,000 hours


    5 year

    3 year




    Beam angle

     Product Dimensions

    1.97 x 1.97 x 2.8 inches

    3.2 x 2.5 x 3.2 inches

    FAQS :

    Can this light bulb be used outside?

    The light bulb is meant for moist locations, according to the product literature. We do not recommend installing it outside since it may reduce its longevity.

    Will this work with the Lutron Caseta p-bdg-pkg1w-a dimmer switch?

    Answer: Our LED PAR16 bulb is incompatible with the Lutron caseta p-bdg-pkg1w-a dimmer. We recommend that you use the suitable dimmers specified on the listing for the greatest dimming performance.

    Where are these light bulbs made?

    Answer: I'm not sure where they're manufactured, but we've had them installed for over a year with no problems. I'd suppose it was built in China, like most lights are nowadays.

    A couple of mine are always blinking. I don't have a dimmer switch. Has this ever happened to you?

    Yes, three of them flashed and darkened. One that I had used to replace a flickering one began to switch off around 2 minutes after I turned it on after approximately 6-8 months.

    What type of dimming controls are available? Even though it was claimed to be the proper type, I got a Lutron C-L dimmer that didn't function.

    Answer: This is really a response to a question that was addressed in one of the previous responses to this topic. The customer inquired for wall dimmers that could be set to zero.

    Is it possible to get these bulbs without the dimming mode from Sunco?

    No, these bulbs are only available in a dimmable form; nevertheless, utilizing a dimmer switch is entirely optional and not necessary for optimal operation. Description: PAR16 vs PAR20

    About this item – TORCHSTAR LED PAR16 Light Bulbs, 6.5W 500LM Dimmable Spot Light, 40° Beam Angle, UL & Energy Star Listed Track Spotlight, 3000K Warm White

    • This spotlight bulb dims smoothly from 100% to 10% to meet your illumination needs while using less energy.
    • Spot-focused: This LED spot light bulb has a 400 beam angle that accurately focuses the light to light up a certain area.
    • Low Energy Consumption and Extreme Performance Track Light Bulb Saves Up To 87.6% on Electricity:The 500lm output of this 6.5W PAR16 LED bulb matches that of a 50W halogen while consuming less energy. This saves you up to $430.70 over the course of the 6-pack’s lifespan, with an annual cost of only $0.78 per year (3 hours/day).
    • This PAR16 light bulb is approved by UL and Energy Star, so you know it is of high quality and safe. It also meets all legal requirements and the highest lighting standards.
    • Lighting performance comparable to 50W halogen light bulbs, but with up to 87 percent less power consumption.
    • Reliable Lighting: These PAR16 LED dimmable lights come with a 3-year guarantee and helpful after-sales support.

    About this item – Sunco Lighting 10 Pack PAR20 LED Bulbs 50W Equivalent 7W, Dimmable 3000K Warm White Flood Lights, 470 LM, E26 Medium Base, IP65 Waterproof

    • Dimmable PAR20 LED Spot Light Bulb, Fits 4″ Cans Dimmable Spot Light: Seamless dimming (10%-100%) to suit any mood or design.
    • Our PAR20 LED lights turn on instantly and use the most advanced LED flicker-free technology for optimal eye comfort.
    • WATERPROOF: The waterproof grade assures that our LED PAR20 spot light bulbs can withstand the elements.
    • NARROW BEAM ANGLE-PAR20 bulbs are a superb spotlight to highlight architectural aspects or accent sculptures and décor.
    • A dust-tight structure ensures dependable outdoor security lighting. Indoor and outdoor uses include driveways, basements, decks, and garages. Fits recessed cans measuring 5″ or 6″.
    • UL CERTIFIED: We maintain the highest standards for all of our products by testing them for maximum performance and safety. Our PAR20 LED bulbs last longer and cost less to replace than halogen, incandescent, or fluorescent bulbs.