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Phomemo D30 vs D35 – Extra Features in D35…

Phomemo D30 Label Printer, Bluetooth Wireless Mini Pocket Smartphone Label Maker Machine with Tape

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Phomemo Label Maker Machine with Tape, D35

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Phomemo D30 vs D35

Phomemo D30 vs D35: When it comes to desktop label printers, what are the key differences between the Phomemo D30 and the D35? The objective of this comparison evaluation between the Phomemo D30 and the D35 is to determine which of the two desktop label printers is superior.

Phomemo D30 vs D35 – Quick Comparison Summary

  • The dimensions of the Phomemo D30 are 1.2 inches deep, 2.3 inches wide, and 5.2 inches high, while the dimensions of the Phomemo D35 are also 1.2 inches deep, 2.3 inches wide, and 5.2 inches high.
  • The weight of the Phomemo D30 is also 0.3 pounds, while the weight of the Phomemo D35 is also 0.3 pounds.
  • While the Phomemo D30 makes use of inkjet and thermal printing technology, the Phomemo D35 makes use of laser printing technology, which is more affordable in comparison to inkjet and laser printers.
  • Unlike the Phomemo D35, which comes with a Type-C quick recharge port, the Phomemo D30 comes with a micro USB port.
  • Although the maximum print speed for monochrome on the Phomemo D30 is 30 ppm, the maximum print speed for color on the Phomemo D35 is 60 ppm.
  • Compared to the Phomemo D35, the Phomemo D30 is a far more popular product on Amazon.
  • Both the Phomemo D30 and Phomemo D35 are priced quite similarly to one another.
  • When compared to the Phomemo D30, the Phomemo D35 comes with a hand cutter that makes it simpler to cut labels and gives the impression of being more durable. On the other hand, the Phomemo D30 does not have these same capabilities.
  • The Phomemo D30 and the Phomemo D35 both exhibit some of the same fantastic qualities, These features include an upgraded version, multiple label templates, high-quality printing, 14 functions that print letters, an intelligent app, more than 30 fonts, sixty frames, an iOS controller type, 203 x 203 dots per inch, and a great deal more.

Phomemo D30 Label Printer, Bluetooth Wireless Mini Pocket Smartphone Label Maker Machine with Tape

Phomemo Label Maker Machine with Tape, D35

Phomemo D30

Phomemo D35





Hand Cutter, it can more easy to cut labels

Apperance is add a round of Line, Seems More Tough




Printing Technology

InkJet and thermal

Laser lower cost compared to inket/laser Printers

Maximum Printspeed

Monochrome is 30 PPM

Color is 60 ppm

Display Type



High-quality Printing



14 Function Prints Letters



Intelligent App



30+ Fonts



60 Frames



controller Type




203 X 203 DPI

203 X 203 DPI


0.3 Pounds

0.3 Pounds


1.2″D x 2.3″W x 5.2″H

1.2″D x 2.3″W x 5.2″H


Is Hebrew printing possible?

This machine will print it as long as your phone can type it. I've personally tested this and can confirm that it works.

Is the creation of an account required?

In response, sure. Yes, it does. I find it really annoying and disheartening that I have to register using my email address. Furthermore, the process of creating an account is really difficult. I had to send support an email to get a verification code that kept coming back as invalid when entered. had given it back.

Since I can't get the Bluetooth to connect, how can I get it to work?

The answer is "Print master" for the app. You must first choose the printer type as D30 in the "Profile" before clicking "Select device" in order to start looking for a Bluetooth device. Press and hold the printer's power button twice to print a test page and check for a Bluetooth address code. If the response is in the affirmative, then the printer's Bluetooth connectivity is operating as intended. Verify if the smartphone is permitted to use the app. If not, kindly click Settings, Application Management, and confirm that the app's rights are all granted. Please check if Bluetooth can detect this printer using the Bluetooth list in the phone settings. If the response is in the affirmative, then the printer's Bluetooth connectivity is operating as intended. If Bluetooth is not detected, it could be due to a lag in the signal. To fix this, connect the device to the app and refresh multiple times. Try downloading the app on a different smartphone and trying to connect if you are still having trouble connecting. Kindly reset the phone and reinstall the app.

On a roll, how many labels are there?

The answer is that one roll of 130 tapes will come with a label maker.

Is there any ink left in this? What action do you take if it does?

The printer head on this device can print 50 kilometers of label tape and lasts for fewer than three years without the need for ink or toner.

D35 vs D30 What distinguishes the D30 and D35 models from one another?

To answer your question, the D35 and D30 share the same label tape. lengthy and pre-cut label tapes, distinct: 1. The D35 has a hand cutter, making label cutting easier. 2. The D35 has a rounded edge, giving it a more robust appearance.

Can I use smaller-sized tape with this printer?

It is capable of supporting label tapes with a diameter of 6 to 15 mm. The tape's smallest size is 6 mm.

It appears that the ink is going out after two rolls.

The printer is a thermal one; it uses heat instead of ink to print.

With the provided tape, how many labels in total can be made?

In response, the label maker comes with 80 pieces of sample tape.

Would labeling chemicals [bottles] with their elemental form, language, or script be helpful in a scientific setting?

Since they are laminated, I doubt they will be able to withstand the washer or an autoclave the way the Ptouch will. I use the Ptouch for both my autoclaved instruments and instrument trays. For product bins and other simple labels, I prefer this. I should say that's why I'd like it. I'm going to pick one up. It's a pity they don't produce laminate labels. Giving up the Ptouch and all of its label waste wouldn't be a problem.

When wet, do the letters smear?

The thermal paper won't smear until you overexpose it to direct heat because there is no ink there. Description: Phomemo D30 vs D35

About this item – Phomemo D30 Label Printer, Bluetooth Wireless Mini Pocket Smartphone Label Maker Machine with Tape, Direct Thermal Printer Rechargeable Labeler Compatible with iPhone/Android, for Home Office

  • In comparison to the conventional label maker, the Upgrade Version Label Maker is both lighter and smaller in size. With a German thermal print head, the DPI was increased by 25% for printing, which resulted in enhanced print clarity, which in turn led to printing that was hassle-free, printing effects that were smooth, and processing that was quick. 
  • Maintain a continuous label tape and labels that are of a predetermined length.
  • Reliable Printing: This thermal label printer offers exceptional print clarity, which results in printing that is hassle-free, the ability to produce high-quality, clear, dark imagery and smooth printing effects, and the ability to process documents quickly.
  • The Phomemo label printer is a wireless and portable device that is small and connected to Bluetooth. It allows for convenient and quick printing, and it can create labels from mobile devices. It is also simple to create personalized labels.
  • Many label templates offer convenience and time savings by allowing users to choose from a wide selection of pre-designed templates or create their own labels using more than 300 symbols, sixty frames, and a variety of typefaces. Label sizes ranging from 0.24 to 0.47 inches are ideal for a variety of applications, including but not limited to price tags, cable identification, date marking for food, and more.
  • The D30 Bluetooth label makers are inkless printing devices that do not require ink, toner, or ribbons. This allows them to save money. Direct-thermal technology offers this benefit. The cost is tangible and significantly lower in comparison to the majority of label-maker printers because it comes with a large selection of thermal-colored label tapes of your choosing.
  • The label maker in question is also known as Monochrome Printing Output, as it only prints black text. Coloring label artwork is something that we are able to develop; however, printing with color-patterned label tapes is required.

About this item – Phomemo Label Maker Machine with Tape, D35 Wireless Bluetooth Labels Maker Portable Mini Label Printer, Easy to Use with Smartphone Small Sticker Labeler Multiple Templates for Home Office organizing

  • 2023 Upgrade Version: Smaller: The sticker label maker is half the size and weight of the classic label maker. It is also half the size. For a more precise image, the DPI was increased by 25%, making the image more clear. A built-in battery, Type-C rapid recharge, and extended working duration are all features of this fast-rechargeable device. With the cutter, labels may be cut with ease.
  • High-Quality Printing: The label maker machine offers outstanding print clarity, which results in printing that is hassle-free. It includes high-quality printing that is crisp and dark, printing effects that are smooth, and processing that is quick.
  • Personalize the product. Utilizing the free PrintMaster Design&Print App, labels can be designed and printed from a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, provided that the device is linked to a Bluetooth wireless network.
  • This D35 Bluetooth label printer comes equipped with direct thermal technology that is free of BPA and does not require ink, toner, or ribbons, allowing you to save money. The price is lower when compared to laser and inkjet printers. You have a wide variety of thermal-colored paper to choose from, which makes things even more enjoyable. Labels that are pre-cut, lengthy labels, transparent labels, circular labels, and pattern labels are all supported by it.
  • Lightweight and portable, this wireless Bluetooth label maker is small enough to fit into your pocket and allows you to print whenever and wherever you want and at any time. A compact design that ensures dependable performance.
  • Multiple Templates for Labels: The Phomemo thermal label maker offers a large selection of pre-designed templates or allows users to design their own labels using more than one thousand symbols, sixty frames, and a lot of different fonts. It is convenient and helps save time. The label size ranges from 0.24 to 0.47 inches, making it ideal for a variety of applications, including the price tag, cable identification, personal item identification, food date marking, and more.