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Phomemo M110 vs M220 – Best Label Makers….

    Phomemo M110 Label Makers – Barcode Label Printer Bluetooth Label Maker






    Phomemo M220 Label Maker, Upgrade 3 Inch Barcode Label Printer

    Phomemo M110 vs M220

    Phomemo M110 vs M220: The Phomemo M110 and Phomemo M220 are both great options if you’re seeking label makers and barcode label printers. But which of the two is the best? We’ll compare the two items in our Phomemo M110 vs. M220 comparison review to see which is the superior choice.

    Phomemo M110 vs M220 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • The Phomemo M110 is a much more popular label maker, barcode label printer, and thermal printer on Amazon than the Phomemo M220.
    • The Phomemo M110 is the more affordable option, while the Phomemo M220, which is the upgraded version, has a somewhat higher price tag.
    • The Phomemo M110 can print labels with a width of between 20 and 50 mm, while the Phomemo M220 can print labels with a width of between 20 and 80 mm.
    • While the Phomemo M220 is available in four unique color options, the Phomemo M110 is available in five different colors.
    • The Phomemo M220 comes with a cap opening button, but the Phomemo M110 does not have this function.
    • The capacity of the battery in the Phomemo M110 is 1500 mah; however, the capacity of the battery in the Phomemo M220 is a huge 2200 mah.
    • Both the Phomemo M110 and the Phomemo M220 have some of the same amazing capabilities, including 203 dpi pixels, additional functions in the app such as barcodes and QR codes, voice input, OCR printing, Excel printing, connecting the PC with USB, and more. Printing without ink, a monochrome output, thermal printing technology, and support for both Mac OS and Windows are just some of the features offered by this printer.
    • The weight of the Phomemo M110 is 7.9 ounces, whereas the weight of the Phomemo M220 is 14.1 ounces.
    • The dimensions of the Phomemo M110 are 1.69 inches by 3.86 inches by 3.23 inches, but the dimensions of the Phomemo M220 are 6.3 inches by 3.46 inches by 5.71 inches.

    Phomemo M110 Label Makers – Barcode Label Printer Bluetooth Label Maker

    Phomemo M220 Label Maker, Upgrade 3 Inch Barcode Label Printer

    Phomemo M110

    Phomemo M220





    Connectivity Technology



    Printing Technology



    Printer Output



    Prints Label Width



    Cap Opening





    2200 MAH

    203dpi Pixels

    Barcode/QR code

    Voice Input

    OCR Print

    Connecting the pc with USB

    Supports Mac OS And Windows


    inkless printing




    7.9 ounces

    14.1 Ounces


    1.69 x 3.86 x 3.23 inches

    6.3 x 3.46 x 5.71 inches




    Date First Available

    December 21, 2020

    November 6, 2021

    FAQS :

    Is ink used in it?

    An inkless thermal label maker is the Phomemo M110. The ink for it doesn't need to be purchased. Simply purchase the thermal labels.

    Does this function on an Android phone?

    The Phomemo-M110 label maker is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The labels are DIY-able.

    Can you download a design of your own?

    In our "Print Master" software, you may download your own design. The Phomemo M110 label printer may be used to print labels with your own DIY designs, including images, logos, barcodes, addresses, price tags, and symbols.

    How would one add ink? And from where do you get additional ink?

    The Phomemo M110 label maker is an inkless thermal printer; all you need to print on is our thermal paper.

    capable of barcoding in 2D?

    You can DIY your own barcode with the Phomemo M110 tiny label printer, which can print two-dimensional barcodes. It is a label printer with several uses.

    Labels' size

    Response: Phomemo-M110 The range of label widths is 20 to 50 mm. 40x30mm, 50x30mm, 50x50mm circular labels, and 50x80mm are among our popular label sizes.

    Although we advise using the mobile app for editing and printing, you may also download and use the "Labelife" program from the PC side.

    1. Attention: Only Windows 10 and macOS are supported while the product is under testing. 2. Please log in to Center-Select M220-M220 for Windows or Mac OS to download and install software. 3. Switch it on, attach a USB cable to the PC, and use it as instructed in the downloaded file.

    Does this require WiFi to function?

    Answer: If you print from your smartphone via Bluetooth, the app's content has to be online in order to download printing resources (such fonts). This requires traffic data.

    Do the 220's 'to do list' templates build and support them like those of the other journaling models?

    I haven't utilized it for anything. However, I have entered all I need to list and shade, then copied it and pasted it to label. It worked for me there. The wording may need to be modified to match the label's specifications. Hope this was helpful.

    To print a label, how do you link labelife to the printer?

    1. Start the printer and go to "" to log in. 2. In order for the computer to locate the printer, you must first download and install "labelife" before installing the printer driver. 3. After the two have been installed, connect to the computer via a USB cable; after it indicates that the connection has been successful, the process is complete.

    Can book spine labels be printed? Do three lines support this? And how user-friendly is the software/app?

    You can pick a typeface small enough to print three lines, as the answer suggests. Eight to ten common fonts and more expensive ones are included in the program. I'm not going to lie to you; the software is terrible and difficult to understand. But finally, it does produce attractive labels. Description: Phomemo M110 vs M220

    About this item – Phomemo M110 Label Makers – Barcode Label Printer Bluetooth Label Maker Portable Thermal Printer for Small Business, Address, Barcode, Logo, Clothing, Mailing, Sticker Printer for Phones & PC, Black

    • Stable Bluetooth Connection: Connect and print with a single click. 
    • Bluetooth 4.0 has a range of up to 33 feet and a connection time of under 2 seconds. Make your company function more efficiently. A useful helper around Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
    • Label Maker Printer: Mini Bluetooth wireless thermal mobile label printer that easily connects to your mobile phone There are several templates available in the APP, allowing you to effortlessly print whatever label you want, such as clothes labels, price labels, cable labels, jewelry labels, address labels, folder labels, and so on. The label width range of the Phomemo-M110 is 20 mm–50 mm, with the highest printed width of 48mm. Not suitable for shipping labels.
    • Phomemo-M110 Bluetooth label maker machine with all free label templates and the ability to create your own templates To boost work productivity, you may update and typeset labels while also allowing Excel batch printing.
    •  OCR (optical character recognition), which recognizes text on photos in 4 seconds, is a powerful function of a printer. With the Phomemo-M110 label printer, you can turn the text in the photographs directly into editable text. Make your company function more efficiently.
    • Inkless, Smooth, and Fast Printing—Adjustable Paper Holder and Automatic Label Identification—is designed to eliminate paper jams and deviations, making printing faster. It is a thermal printer; therefore, no ink is used and no ribbon is required, reducing consumable demand and saving money. Print only in black and white.

    About this item – Phomemo M220 Label Maker, Upgrade 3 Inch Barcode Label Printer, Portable Sticker Maker Machine for Barcode, Name, Address, Labeling, Mailing, Home, Office & Small Business, Compatible with Phones&PC

    • High Compatibility: The Phomemo M220 Bluetooth Label Maker not only works with iOS and Android phones through Bluetooth but also with Mac OS and Windows 10. (WARNING: Please watch the program installation guide on the website for a better experience.)
    • Thermal Bluetooth Label Printer: You’ll never have to buy ink, toner, or ribbon again. The Phomemo M220 barcode label printer uses thermal technology, which means you simply need to replenish labels. The Phomemo M220 label maker machine comes with 100 1.57″x1.18″ label tapes.
    • Phomemo’s New Flagship: The Phomemo M220 Label Printer uses a Roma print head from Japan with a new enhanced 0.78–3.14 inch print width, enabling the printing of wider and more sorts of labels such as barcodes, jars, prices, garments, QR codes, and icons. It can also print address labels, ingredient labels, and shipping labels. Handwriting labels will save you a lot of time and increase your efficiency. (The label maker machine does not accommodate 4 “x 6” labels.)
    • Long Battery Life: The upgraded Phomemo M220 wireless label printer’s 2200 mAh battery enables up to 36 rolls of continuous printing, as well as a newly introduced auto-sleep mode, which may lower power consumption by 25% and lengthen use duration by 2-3 hours.
    • Phomemo’s R&D team created the Print Master APP for you, which has a number of built-in functionalities. Text, images, barcodes, QR codes, OCR, forms, hundreds of icons, and numerous pre-made templates for business and personal usage are all available with a single click. Increase your productivity.