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Polaris 380 vs 3900 – Best Inground Pool Cleaner >>>

    Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 Pressure Inground Pool Cleaner, Triple Jet Powered






    Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport Pressure Inground Pool Cleaner, Triple Jet Powered

    Polaris 380 vs 3900

    Polaris 380 vs 3900:What distinguishes the Polaris 380 and Polaris 3900 from one another as inground pool cleaners? Discovering which is the greatest inground pool cleaner is the goal of this comparison review between the Polaris 380 and Polaris 3900.

    Polaris 380 vs 3900 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • Compared to the Polaris 3900, the Polaris 380 is a far more popular in-ground pool cleaner on Amazon.

    • The weight of the Polaris 380 is 15.07 pounds, whereas the weight of the Polaris 3900 is 10.1 pounds.

    • In contrast to the Polaris 380, the Polaris 3900 Sport includes Tail Sweep Pro.

    • The Polaris 3900 is made of vinyl, while the Polaris 380 is made of plastic.

    • Both the Polaris 380 and the Polaris 3900 have some amazing features in common, including three venturi jets, the requirement for a booster pump, the ability to clean a pool in three hours or less, 31-foot feed and sweep hoses, Tail Sweep Pro compatibility, a 2 1/4-inch vacuum inlet, the ability to operate on low-flow filter pumps, the best pump to power your Polaris pool cleaner, an improved hydraulic design for maximum performance and efficiency, and more.

    • While Polaris 3900 has a dual-chamber superbag, Polaris 380 has a single-chamber zipper bag.

    • The Polaris 3900 is less expensive than the Polaris 380, which is more expensive.

    • The dimensions of the Polaris 380 are 9.75 x 20 x 22.5 inches, whereas those of the Polaris 3900 are 24 x 11 x 24 inches.

    Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 Pressure Inground Pool Cleaner, Triple Jet Powered

    Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport Pressure Inground Pool Cleaner, Triple Jet Powered

    Polaris 380

    Polaris 3900





    TailSweep Pro Included

    Debris Collection

    Single Chamber Zipper Bag

    Dual Chamber SuperBag




    Venturi Jets

    3 Venturi Jets

    3 Venturi Jets

    Requires Booster Pump

     Cleans in 3 hours or less

    31’feed hose

    In-Ground Pools

    Auto Backup

    Vacuum Inlet




    15.07 pounds

    10.1 pounds


    9.75 x 20 x 22.5

    24 x 11 x 24 inches

    FAQS :

    What is the distinction between a 280 and a 380?

    The 380 has three jet nozzles, while the 280 has two. The 280 is also gear driven, however the 380 is belt driven. From my own experience, this is a high-maintenance item. Based on my experience with both, the 280 will outlast the 380 twice as long.

    Is the tail sweep included with the 280 or 360 model, or must it be purchased separately?

    My sweep tail was included with mine. Overall, I'm quite pleased with it. I reside in a region with a lot of huge trees, which helps to collect waste.

    Is it possible to buy the 380 without the hoses and other accessories?

    Answer: I'm not sure why you'd want to do that; the hose, like the swivels and rings, wears out. It functions as a system, and any portion that is out of sync will cause it to malfunction.

    Is the tail hose not sweeping?

    Answer: It comes with a tail sweeping adjustment. It was cold outdoors, and I didn't want to get wet, so I put it off till later. I left it alone because it operated perfectly without the sweeping action. It still works as good now as it did the day I installed it. I would purchase it again.

    Is this compatible with the Hayward booster pump 6060?

    It should operate perfectly with any 1.5 HP or higher pump. I've owned two and would acquire a Dolphin again if I had to do it again. The Polaris becomes too knotted up and occasionally gets trapped on the pool steps.

    Has anyone tried it with a variable speed pump? What is the minimum flow required for proper operation?

    Answer: Using a variable-speed pump with the Polaris 3900 is not an issue, and it may provide you greater control over the cleaner's wheel rotations per minute (RPMs). Description: Polaris 380 vs 3900

    About this item – Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 Pressure Inground Pool Cleaner, Triple Jet Powered, 31ft of Hose with a Single Chamber Debris Bag

    • The pressure cleaner has a single chamber filter bag that captures both tiny and large debris, including leaves, acorns, and stones.
    • Pools in the ground: Vinyl, fiberglass, gunite, pebble, and tile are all safe pool forms and surfaces.
    • The Vac Sweep 380 sweeps and washes your pool’s floor and walls with ease, while its wide 2.25″ intake takes up huge particles that other cleaners can’t.
    • What It Contains: Polaris Vac Sweep 380 Pressure-Side Pool Cleaner with a 31-foot feed line and a single chamber filter bag for collecting all forms of pool trash.
    • CLEANSING IN 3 HOURS: Using a separate Polaris booster pump, three venturi jets generate tremendous suction power, allowing any in-ground pool to be cleaned in 3 hours or less.
    • The Polaris 380 sweeps, scrubs, and vacuums the pool’s floor, sides, and stairs using triple jets.

    About this item – Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport Pressure Inground Pool Cleaner, Triple Jet Powered, with a Dual Chamber SuperBag for Debris

    • Complete Protection: The Vac Sweep 3900 Sport sweeps and scrubs your pool’s floor and walls with ease, and its extra-large 2.5″ intake catches large particles that other cleaner types cannot.
    • What’s in the Box: Polaris Vac Sweep 3900 Sport Pressure-Side Pool Cleaner, 31-foot feed line, 5 liter dual chamber superbag for gathering enormous amounts of trash, and a Bonus TailSweep PRO adapter to avoid spraying of windows and pathways.
    • Elite Cleaning Power: The 3900 Sport is more powerful than any other pressure cleaner in its class, with triple venturi jets and all-wheel PosiDrive offering unrivaled suction power and legendary performance.
    • A 5 liter dual chamber filter bag collects tiny and large waste such as leaves, acorns, stones, and more.
    • For inside pools, all pool forms and surfaces are safe, including vinyl, fiberglass, gunite, pebble, and tile.