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Razer Iskur vs Razer Iskur X – Review And Comparison…

    Razer Iskur Ergonomic Gaming Chair – $479*

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    Razer Iskur X Ergonomic Gaming Chair – $399*

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    Razer Iskur vs Razer Iskur X

    Razer Iskur vs Razer Iskur X: The Razer Iskur and Razer Iskur X are both great options for gaming chairs, but which one is the best? Learn more from our comparison. In this comparative research, we’ll compare and contrast the Razer Iskur vs. Razer Iskur X to see which product is best.

    Razer Iskur vs Razer Iskur X– Quick Comparison Summary

    • In comparison to the Razer Iskur, the Razer Iskur X is the most popular gaming chair on the market.

    • Compared to the Razer Iskur, which is pricey, the Razer Iskur X is less expensive.

    • In comparison, the Razer Iskur X only has 2D armrests, whereas the Razer Iskur features 4D armrests.

    • Both the Razer Iskur and the Razer Iskur X have a number of similar outstanding characteristics in common, including high-density foam cushions, multi-layered synthetic leather, adjustable height, and a great deal more.

    • The Razer Iskur has an ergonomic lumber support system, whereas the Razer Iskur X is ergonomically engineered for hardcore gaming.

    • The Razer Iskur seat material type is memory foam, but the Razer Iskur X seat material type is leather.

    • While the Razer Iskur X weighs 50 pounds, the Razer Iskur weighs 66.8 pounds.

    • The dimensions of the Razer Iskur are 26.2″D x 29.35″W x 53.98″H, whereas the dimensions of the Razer Iskur X are 50.24″D x 27.97″W x 25.03″H.

    Razer Iskur Ergonomic Gaming Chair

    Razer Iskur X Ergonomic Gaming Chair

    Razer Iskur

    Razer Iskur X





     Arm Style

    4D Armrests

    2D Armrests


    Ergonomic Lumber Support System

    Ergonomically Designed for Hardcore Gaming

    Seat Material Type

     ‎Memory Foam





    Finish Type



    Recommended Uses For Product






    Room Type

     ‎Game Recreation Room

     ‎Game Recreation Room

     Frame Material

     ‎Leather, Polyvinyl Chloride

     Alloy Steel

    Adjustable Height

    High Density Foam Cushions

    Multi-Layered Synthetic Leather

    Item Weight

    66.8 Pounds

    50 Pounds


    26.2″D x 29.35″W x 53.98″H

    50.24″D x 27.97″W x 25.03″H

    FAQS :

    Anyone else have trouble adjusting the lumbar support lever? Is this a serious issue?

    Answer: I returned my first chair since it was broken on that lever. Although I did not get to sit in the chair since it arrived broken, Amazon replaced it, but after sitting in it for 40 minutes, it was quite unpleasant. It was not worth the $500 price tag. It's cheaply manufactured and only has a razor label. There are better office chairs for $100 that will outperform this chair. Send it back as soon as you can.

    What is the maximum height of the seat?

    Answer: Unless Razer increased the size dimensions of the actual product to increase for the "XL" of the XL, the information provided by Razer in their dimension replies is incorrect; otherwise, they are simply stating the dimensions for the normal "X" version.

    What is the legitimate justification for putting wings on a seat? They only dig into my legs. Is there a benefit to having seat wings that I'm not aware of?

    Answer: The most obvious design flaw in an otherwise great gaming chair is the wings.The standard and XL have the same amount of space between the wings, proving that bigger isn't necessarily better. There are no benefits; they are completely worthless and foolish.If you replace the seat with a broader one or one without wings, you'll have a chair that's worth the money. I gave it to my wife as is. Real men cannot sit in this chair without feeling uncomfortable.

    Why is the Razer Store chair on Amazon more expensive than the Razer website?

    Answer: The answer about the Iskar vs. Iskar X is inaccurate because Razer purposefully designed the Iskar X to be a cheaper product. The X is made of cheap materials and doesn't have an adjustable lumbar support, so getting the Iskar for only $400 is a great deal.The X's only advantage is a slightly more adjustable arm rest.

    Is there enough space for you to bend one of your legs and support it up under the other leg (sit on it)?

    Sure, there is plenty of space underneath it.

    Is this chair reclining?

    Indeed, it can recline to a maximum of 139 degrees.

    Is the Iskur X effective on a 6.0 person?

    Answer: Yeah, I am 6 feet tall and sit very comfortably in this chair with the hydraulics set to the lowest setting. At its tallest point, it can easily seat 6'3".

    Is the height movable? What is the maximum allowed height? Will a 32-inch-high workstation be comfortable?

    Answer: It has the standard bottom handle adjustment, although it is not particularly tall. My old office chair was probably higher. I did add rollerblade wheels to it, which lifted it about 2 inches. Description: Razer Iskur vs Razer Iskur X

    About this item – Razer Iskur Gaming Chair: Ergonomic Lumbar Support System – Multi-Layered Synthetic Leather – High Density Foam Cushions – Engineered to Carry – Memory Foam Head Cushion – Black/Green

    • Ergonomic Lumber Support System: Get complete lower back support with a built-in, completely adjustable lumbar curve that precisely resembles your spine.
    • This system ensures perfect posture for ultimate gaming chair comfort over extended sessions.
    • With a lumbar support system that is both adjustable and ergonomic, we’ve got your back when it comes to keeping you in top gaming shape.
    • The chair is covered in multi-layered PVC synthetic leather, which is more resilient and long-lasting than normal PU leather and better suited to resist wear and tear from hours of everyday use.
    • Designed for those between the heights of 5’6″ and 6’2, this chair’s body frame, armrests, wheelbase, and slanted seat edges that increase the resting surface area can support up to 300 pounds.
    • High-density foam cushions have a plusher feel and superior contouring, allowing your weight to exert just the right amount of pressure as they mold to support your particular body shape.
    • With the Razer Iskur, our first gaming chair created for posture-perfect hardcore gaming, you can keep the competition in your kill zone while entering your comfort zone.
    • 4D Armrests: You can adjust the armrests forward or backward and change their height and angle to find the perfect setting for how you sit.

    About this item – Razer Iskur X Ergonomic Gaming Chair: Ergonomically Designed for Hardcore Gaming – Multi-Layered Synthetic Leather – High-Density Foam Cushions – 2D Armrests – Steel-Reinforced Body – Black/Green

    • With the Razer Iskur X, an ergonomic gaming chair made for intense play, you can use comfort to your advantage.
    • If good gaming performance comes from good support, you can use comfort to your advantage. It’s time to see what crucial support and comfort can do for your game, thanks to the seat’s angled edges and contours.
    • Synthetic leather with multiple layers: The chair is made of a material that is more resistant to wear and tear than regular PU leather.
    • This makes it better able to last for hours of everyday use.
    • NOTE: To ensure proper assembly, abide by all installation manual instructions (provided in pdf below).Built ergonomically for intense gaming, the Razer Iskur X ergonomic gaming chair encourages good sitting posture so you can play for hours in comfort. It features distinctive curves and angled seat edges, as well as fully adjustable recline, tilt, and height.

    • The Razer Iskur X’s 2D armrests can be turned inwards or outwards and height-adjusted so that your arms are always in a comfortable, natural posture when gaming.Steel-Reinforced Body: The Razer Iskur X supports a weight of up to 300 lbs. and is ideal for users who are between 5’6″ and 6’2″ in height thanks to the combination of its body frame, armrests, and wheelbase.

    • High-density foam cushions have a plusher feel and superior contouring, allowing your weight to exert just the right amount of pressure as they mold to support your particular body shape.

    • Built Ergonomically For Hardcore Gaming The Razer Iskur X encourages a good sitting posture so you can game for hours in comfort, from its distinctive shapes and angled seat edges to its completely adjustable recline, tilt, and height.