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Redtiger F7N vs F7NP(Plus) – Best Redtiger Dash Cam…

REDTIGER F7N 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear – $139*

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REDTIGER F7NP (Plus) – 4K Dash Cam with Wi-Fi – $147*

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Redtiger F7N vs F7NP

Redtiger F7N vs F7NP: The RedTiger F7N and the RedTiger F7NP plusare both good options for 4K dash cams, but which one is the best? Learn more about our comparison. In this comparative research, we’ll compare and contrast the Redtiger F7N with the Redtiger F7NP to see which product is best.

Redtiger F7N vs F7NP – Quick Comparison Summary

  • When compared to the Redtiger F7NP, the Redtiger F7N is a far more popular 4K dash cam front and rear on Amazon.
  • Redtiger F7N is available at a lower cost, whereas Redtiger F7NP is priced slightly higher.
  • The angle of the Redtiger F7N rear camera cannot be adjusted, and it is waterproof; nonetheless, it is used to place on top of the photo of the car’s license plate that is displayed on the outside of the vehicle. Although the Redtiger F7NP rear camera may be adjusted in angle and is typically mounted on a car’s rear window glass, it is not waterproof.
  • The SD card is not included with the Redtiger F7N, but the 32 GB version of the card is included with the Redtiger F7NP.
  • A 3M adhesive GPS mount is included with the Redtiger F7N. A suction-cup GPS mount is included with the Whiel Redtiger F7NP.
  • Both the Redtiger F7N and the Redtiger F7NP have some of the same amazing features, including a video capture resolution of 4K+1080P, 2 channels, a 170+140 wide angle lens, a supercapacitor, a built-in GPS, a wifi connection, a 24 hour parking monitor, a super clear night version, connectivity technology via wifi (APP control), dual cameras, USB C, and a lot more besides.
  • The weight of a Redtiger F7N is 1.34 pounds, and the weight of a Redtiger F7NP is 1.43 pounds.
  • While the Redtiger F7N is 1.26 inches by 3.82 inches by 0.79 inches, the Redtiger F7NP measures *** inches by *** inches by *** inches.

REDTIGER F7N 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear

REDTIGER F7NP (Plus) – 4K Dash Cam with Wi-Fi


Redtiger F7N

Redtiger F7NP











Video Resolution




2 Channels

2 Channels

Wide Angle Lens

170+140 Wide Angle Lens

170+140 Wide Angle Lens




Parking Monitor

24H Parking Monitor

24H Parking Monitor

Night Version

Super Clear Night Version

Super Clear Night Version





Buil-in GPS

Buil-in GPS


3M Sticky GPS Mount

Suction Cup GPS Mount

Control Method



SD Card Included






Type C hardwire kit


Screen Size

3.18″ IPS Screen

3.18″ IPS Screen

Item Weight

1.34 pounds

1.43 Pounds


1.26 x 3.82 x 0.79 inches



24-hour parking surveillance It's challenging for me to set up a hardwire. Is that conceivable, say, if I connect it to a power bank?

You can utilize the power bank if you can make sure that the external power source is 2.5 amps. The dash cam requires at least 2000 MA of electricity each hour, which the power bank cannot provide. Additionally, a power bank is prone to fire if used at high temperatures for an extended period of time. As a result, we do not suggest using a power bank to supply the dash cam with power for an extended period of time. You can watch our installation video to see how simple it is to install the hardwire kit.

Can I set up two of these cameras and operate them with the same phone?

Answer: You can connect to several recorders using a single mobile phone, but you cannot simultaneously control two recorders. Before you can connect to the second one, you must break the connection with the first one.

How to obtain the new 180-degree rotation software and provide contact information

Answer: The contact information in the handbook will get you in touch with us. Then let me know what your dash cam's current software version is, and we'll provide you with the updated version. You just need to put the SD card back into the dash cam after dragging the software onto it on the PC.

After-sales will send you a suction cup bracket for free if you ask, according to a post from May 18, 2022. I have one that sticks. Is there any evidence that this is true?

I'm happy to be of service to you. This service isn't available right now because there aren't any suction cups in stock. Contact our support team if you want more information.

The back and camera are wired to the fuse box. Why does it no longer turn on after four months of use? I rebooted after checking the connection.

Answer: I'm unable to connect with you here owing to platform restrictions, so we require your particular information about the issue. The first page of the product handbook has our contact information, which you can use to get in touch with our technical department, which will give you individualized technical help.

Who uses what software to play back videos on computers?

I'm happy to be of service to you. I advise you to play the video by downloading Red Tiger Player. On it, GPS and speed will be displayed.

Can it do 4K in front while also turning on the rear?

Answer: I'm sorry, but it's not possible. There are four resolution modes available. Front: 3840*2160P; Front: 2560*1440P; Front: 2160P+Back 1080P; Front: 1440P+Back 1080P. To set up dual camera shooting, you can select Front 2160P + Rear 1080P or Front 1440P + Rear 1080P.

Can the dash cam be seen remotely with the hardwire kit and wifi enabled?

Answer: I'm sorry to announce that this device does not presently support remote video viewing, but you can view live video from within 10 feet using the app.

Is the cigarette lighter power cable included?

Yes, the power line that connects to the cigarette lighter and powers the logger is included in the box.

Will the rear camera work on a pickup truck's rear vertical window?

Answer: Our contact information may be found on the first page of the product manual; using this information, you can contact our after-sales department to obtain a free in-car rear camera, which you can put on the rear vertical window of your pick-up truck. I eagerly await your message.

Is it necessary to use the app to view the camera footage? Is the app sending the GPS signal to the company? Is it possible to disable this feature?

Answer: You can access the recorded video using your PC or an app. Because 4K files are somewhat large, we recommend watching the video on a computer with our dedicated player. You can disable the GPS watermark by opening the menu.

Is the parking monitor available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, included in this package?

Yes, the hardwire kit for the 24-hour parking monitor mode is included in this combo offering. Description: Redtiger F7N vs F7NP

About this item – REDTIGER F7N 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear,Built-in WiFi GPS 4K+1080P Dual Dash Camera for Cars,3.18 inch Display Dashcam,170° Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder, Night Vision,Parking Monitor

  • [Dual Dash Cam Ultra HD 4K+1080P] The REDTIGER dashcam can capture more detailed photos, such as street signs and registration plates, thanks to its high-quality 4K front camera and 1080p rear camera. Furthermore, the dashcam has extended vistas and fewer blind areas thanks to the wide-angle camera.
  •  REDTIGER INFORMATION  Everything regarding the charm excursion is within sight in the automobile-interconnection era. Red Tiger is built on product and service. We have a highly skilled research and development team comprised of “self-driving experts per capita. We employ technology to drive product innovation based on the unique needs of people. In the future, we will continue to push the boundaries of technology in order to create a greater vision for driving.
  • [Superb Night Vision] The camera’s light sensitivity is considerably improved with the high-spec Starvis sensor. The dashcam can capture clear images at night or in low-light environments because of its f/1.5 aperture, 6-glass lens, and WDR and HDR technologies.
  • GPS Tracking and Wi-Fi Connectivity The dash cam’s built-in GPS module allows it to precisely pinpoint the vehicle’s location and routes on a map. The statistics can be accessed on your smart device using the “Redtiger” app. Connecting to your mobile devices via built-in Wi-Fi, it is simple to adjust settings and control the camera, as well as view, download, and share footage.
  • [24-Hour Parking Monitor] When an incursion is detected, the built-in G sensor will trigger the F7N dashcam to record a video for 15 seconds and lock the video recording. The camera also monitors the surrounding environment in time-lapse mode to ensure your vehicle’s safety (a dedicated hardware kit must be connected).
  • [Warranty and Customer Support] Our products are covered by a one-year warranty. If you have any problems utilizing the items, please contact our 24/7 technical support, who will be pleased to assist you at any time.

About this item – REDTIGER F7NP plus 4K Dash Cam with Wi-Fi GPS and USB C hardwire kit

  • EASY TO INSTALL: There is no need to utilize a cable from a car cigarette lighter socket for the Type C port hardwire kit; instead, it is a permanent hidden cable that is very easy to install.
  • DUAL RECORDING IN 4K+1080P: REDTIGER introduces the F7NP dual dash cam, which captures video in Ultra HD 4K (3840*2160P) and FHD 1080P formats.
  • It enables you to read important details such as traffic signs and car license plates. It has a front wide angle of 170 degrees and a rear wide angle of 140 degrees to decrease blind spots. This allows you to retain and present evidence in unforeseen circumstances, such as an accident.
  • 11.5-foot Type C port hardwire kit for dash cam or other device powered by Type C port, 5V/2A stable output, voltage input supports 12V–24V.
    Superior Night Vision: The driving recorder features an outstanding optical lens with an ultra-large F1.5 aperture and 6 layers, as well as HDR/WDR technology for capturing crucial information clearly in low-light circumstances.
  • WiFi/SMART software Control: Simply connect the dash cam to your smartphone APP over WiFi, and then use the “Redtiger” software on your iOS or Android device to see, playback, and operate the dash cam. The program also allows you to download and modify videos. You can share your vacation views and beautiful moments with your friends and family with a single click.