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Rikon 70 220vsr VS Jet 1221vs – Comparison And Review – Latest

    Rikon 70 220vsr VS Jet 1221vs are two amazing Putter , But the question is which one is the best?

    Which is the best Power Wood Lathes ? In this Rikon 70 220vsr VS Jet 1221vs comparison Review, we want to find out Which One is Best.

    Quick Comparison Summary:

    RIKON Power Tools 70-220VSR is Cheaper.
    Jet 1221vs and Rikon 70 220vsr Comes with 5 Long Year Warranty.
    Rikon 70 220vsr RPM Speed is Between 250 to 3850 With LED Display, JET JWL-1221VS comes With 60 to 3600 RPM Variable Speed.
    JET JWL-1221VS has 24 integrated indexing position Features and RIKON Power Tools 70-220VSR Has Also Accurate Pattern With 24 Index Position Head.
    Same Thing Between Rikon 70 220vsr item weight is 124 pounds and Jet 1221vs weight is 121 Pounds.

    Different Between Rikon 70 220vsr VS Jet 1221vs - Specification.


    Rikon 70 220vsr

    Jet 1221vs

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    Warranty Description



    Batteries Required?



    Batteries Included?




    250-3850RPM with LED display

    60-3,600 RPM variable speed

    Item Weight

     124 pounds

    121 pounds


     120 V

    120 Volts


    12-1/2″ x 20″

    Variable Speed Wood Lathe

    Power Source



    Rikon 70-220vsr REVIEW

    rikon 70 220vsrRikon 70 220vsr : 1HP motor provides all of the energy you want for turning spindles to massive bowls or platters.

    Big turning capability of 12-1/2″ diameter swing and 20″ among centers.
    24 Postion Index head permits correct pattern or layout work on projects.
    Electronic variable speeds 250-3850RPM with LED show and forward/reverse functions.

    12-1/2″ x 24″ VSR MIDI Lathe. 1HP motor promises all of the energy you want for turning spindles to huge bowls or platters.. Big turning capability of 12-1/2″ diameter swing and 20″ among centers.. 24 Postion Index head lets in correct sample or layout paintings on projects.

    I acquired my lathe yesterday. I ordered this lathe upon getting to apply it in an into elegance at Woodcraft. I truely just like the size, weight, and features, which include the variable speed, opposite, and warranty. The object took longer to reach than turned into at first estimated, however I turned into anticipating that. I used it for the primary time final night time and the tailstock and headstock in shape up, so this is good.

    It is quiet and does not vibrate a good deal at all. My major worries are the pix I published of a few small harm to the paint both on the manufacturing facility or whilst in transit. I even have emailed Rikon aid and that they had been much less than beneficial to this point with their response.

    They simply advised me I should order the blue paint from every other company (and pay for it myself!). They did not even provide me the code for the white paint I could want. Not wonderful glad with the concept of getting to shop for extra paint to restore some thing I did not reason particularly after paying $seven hundred for it. Most of my problems with the lathe are in the end superficial.

    This turned into an amazing buy and I even have loved gaining knowledge of to apply it. Good best except a unfastened manipulate panel. (damaged plastic retainer clips) I contacted Rikon however they could not find a substitute so I glued the entirety in vicinity with out a similarly problems. They have been alleged to get lower back to me however by no means did. That’s why best 4 stars.

    Jet 1221vs REVIEW

    jet 1221vs

    JET 719200 12″ x 21″ Lathe : CONVENIENT CONTROLS: Easy-to-attain controls and virtual readout OPTIMAL SPEED: Choose from 3 velocity ranges (60-900/110-1,800/220-3,six hundred) INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Ratchet-fashion belt tension system (patent pending) HANDY STORAGE: Includes a tool storage caddy on every cease of the device ADDED SAFETY: Removable yellow On/Off protection key DIRECTIONAL CONTROL: Smooth transitions while converting from ahead to opposite.

    The JET 1221VS lathe isn’t like whatever we’ve made before. In truth, it’s distinct from whatever that all and sundry has ever made before. The layout is better. The functions are better. The whole turning revel in is better. And all of it specializes in one concept … Control.
    JET warrants each product it sells. If certainly considered one among our gear wishes carrier or restore, certainly considered one among our Authorized Service Centers placed at some point of the USA can come up with brief carrier.

    In most cases, any of those JPW Industries Authorized Service Centers can authorize assurance restore, help you in acquiring parts, or carry out ordinary upkeep and essential restore to your JET gear. For the call of an Authorized Service Center for your vicinity name 1-800-274-6848,  Unrivaled pace control

    60-3 Thousand  SIX Hundred RPM variable pace, Optimally-designed pace ranges, Integrated, spring-loaded spindle lock, Conveniently-placed controls and DRO.

    Forward to opposite is a clean transition, Innovative ratchet fashion belt anxiety system, Acme thread in tail-stock, 24 included indexing positions.

    At JET Tools, we see a destiny constructed on remarkable brands, products, and people. In each aspect of our business, we leverage the strengths of our international infrastructure to maximise the advantages of all 3.