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Rockwell 6C vs Merkur 34C – Best Double-Edge Razors…

    ROCKWELL RAZORS 6C Gunmetal Chrome Double-Edge






    Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor

    Rockwell 6C vs Merkur 34C

    Rockwell 6C vs Merkur 34C: What distinguishes the Rockwell 6C from the Merkur 34C in terms of double-edge razors? The goal of the Rockwell 6C vs. Merkur 34C comparison review is to determine which double-edge razor is superior.

    Rockwell 6C vs Merkur 34C– Quick Comparison Summary

    • Merkur 34C is Popular: Compared to the Rockwell 6C, the Merkur 34C is a far more popular double-edge razor on Amazon.
    • Color: While Rockwell 6C is finished in white chrome, Merkur 34C is finished in bright chrome.
    • Weight: The overall weight of the Rockwell 6C is 100 grams, while the overall weight of the Merkur 34C is 77 grams.
    • Price: Rockwell 6C is more expensive than Merkur 34C, which is more affordable.
    • Similarities: Rockwell 6C and Merkur 34C both have amazing characteristics in common, like closed and straight combs, among many others.

    • Handle Length: The Rockwell 6C handle length and diameter are 85mm and 13mm, respectively, while the Merkur 34C handle length and diameter are 75mm and 11.50mm.

    • Total Number of Pieces: The Rockwell 6C set has a total of 5 pieces, while the Merkur 34C set only has a total of 2 pieces.

    • Dimension: The Merkur 34C’s dimensions are 2 x 4 x 4 inches, compared to 10 x 2.5 x 4 inches for the Rockwell 6C.

    • 1 Month Blades Included; With Rockwell 6C: While the Merkur 34C does not have this option, the Rockwell 6C comes with one month’s supply of blades included.

    ROCKWELL RAZORS 6C Gunmetal Chrome Double-Edge

    Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor

    Rockwell 6C

    Merkur 34C





    1 Month of Blades Included

    Handle Length (Range)

    85 mm

      75 mm

    Razor Length

    84.6mm / 3.33 inches

    83.3 mm / 3.28 inches

    Overall Weight (Range)

    100 gm

      77 gm

    Handle Diameter (Range)

    13 mm

    11.6 mm

    Number of Pieces



    Number of Blades



    Unit Count

     1.00 Count

     1.00 Count

    Comb type

    Straight Comb

    Straight Comb

    Finish / Colors / Model Number

    White Chrome

    Bright Chrome

    Open or Closed Comb Head

      Closed Comb

      Closed Comb

    Item Weight

    0.4 Pounds

    0.13 Pounds


    10 x 2.5 x 4 inches

    2 x 4 x 4 inches

    FAQS :

    Do the plates change the distance between the razor and the skin, or merely the razor angle?

    The differences between the six options are the millimeters of razor exposure and the space between both plates. The R1, for example, has very little razor exposed and is quite tight between the two plates.

    Do the plates change the distance between the razor and the skin, or merely the razor angle?

    The differences between the six options are the millimeters of razor exposure and the space between both plates. The R1, for example, has very little razor exposed and is quite tight between the two plates.

    Are we going to get their newest razor?

    Yes, this is the most recent version of the Rockwell 6C, complete with enhanced stainless steel threads in the handle.

    Will we receive all three base plates displayed in the images?

    Yes, all three were included in the bundle.

    What are the benefits of having such a short handle?

    Answer: I've been wet shaving for 7 years and own far too many DE-Razors. From $30 to $180, this shaves the best, in my opinion. Every DE-Razor has an optimum shaving angle, and most are trial and error, but this has the most intuitive input, as well as the appropriate weight and length. The only disadvantage is that you must orient the DE blade when loading it because it usually has more exposure on one side than the other. It's actually not a big deal until you drop the blade in to align it anyway. Because the metal is pot metal, it is not unbreakable and will chip if dropped on a hard surface.

    Will these blades fit on a Schick Hydro non-power razor?

    Answer: These are not blades. This is a safety razor. It is designed to be used with double-edged blades.

    I have a 33 Cent Razor. What's the distinction between the two?

    The Mercur 34 has a heavier, wider handle and unscrews from the bottom.

    How does it compare to the 23c?

    Answer: Same head, but different grips. Choose this if you desire a longer handle. I prefer the 34c. Description: Rockwell 6C vs Merkur 34C

    About this item – ROCKWELL RAZORS 6C Gunmetal Chrome Double-Edge Safety Razor with 6 Adjustable Shave Settings and 5 Blades

    • One 6C safety razor and five excellent Swedish stainless steel razor blades are packaged in a stylish eco-friendly paper box.We guarantee the quality of the craftsmanship used to make each of our razors.
    • A 100% satisfaction guarantee against manufacturing flaws and wear and tear from regular usage is offered on all of our safety razors.
    • The closest, most comfortable shave of your life is waiting for you as you bid a last farewell to razor burn.
    • The Rockwell 6C safety razor is ideal for anyone shaving their face, head, or sensitive areas. It has a beginning option that prevents users from accidentally cutting themselves while shaving.
    • A fully adjustable razor that can be used on any skin type and with any amount of beard, giving you a close, comfortable shave every time! With Rockwell’s adjustable, precision-engineered optimum blade angles, you’ll never waste money on cartridges or subscription shave clubs once more and shaving will be something you look forward to.
    • For the best shaving results on every type of skin and every shaving situation, the 6C has our proprietary design that has 6 movable shave settings.
    • Our 6C safety razor, which is made from a sturdy metal and has a beautiful chrome finish, avoids skin irritation and ingrown hairs to give you the closest shave you’ve ever had.

    About this item – Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor with Heavy Duty Short Handle

    • Because of its widespread use, this product has acquired a number of names over time, including Merkur HD, Merkur Heavy Duty, 34C, and combinations of all of those names. Since we have carried it, the product has remained the same and unaltered.
    • It is shorter than something like a Fusion, but this is characteristic of the older Gillettes, and the reduced length actually makes it more maneuverable. one of the most popular wet shaving goods available.

    • The Merkur 34 C Heavy Duty Safety Razor is a 2-piece DE razor with a chrome finish and is one of our most well-liked products. The 3„long, ergonomic handle has non-slip knurling and a stronger grip for better control.

    • There are available replacement blades.Designed in Germany Additional Resources: German Industry Easy loading using a two-piece design Shorter handle with closed Comb Head for easy maneuverability metal handle widely acknowledged

    • This 2-piece razor has a 2-piece construction and uses all regular double-edge blades for a close and comfortable shave.

    • It consistently ranks best for beginner wet shavers since it rates moderately aggressive on the aggressiveness scale. It’s not very harsh, though, so seasoned aficionados of traditional shaving enjoy it as well. Purchase this, and you’re set for life.

    • You can even give it to your grandchild. It will last for decades if you just make sure to clean it in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.