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Schlage Encode vs Yale Assure – Which is Good?

    Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt






    Yale Assure Wi-Fi Touchscreen Smart Lock

    Schlage Encode vs Yale Assure

    Schlage Encode vs Yale Assure: When it comes to smart locks, choosing between Schlage Encode and Yale Assure is challenging. Though both are excellent decisions, which is the best? The purpose of this Schlage Encode vs. Yale Assure comparison review is to assist you in determining which product is the better option for you.

    Schlage Encode vs Yale Assure– Quick Comparison Summary

    • Schlage Encode and Yale Assure both have several amazing features in common, like Vera, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, the ability to lock or unlock your door from anywhere via your home’s WiFi network, app control, and more.

    • The Schlage Encode is less costly than the Yale Assure.

    • The Schlage Encode is a smart Wi-Fi deadbolt lock, whereas the Yale Assure is a smart Wi-Fi touchscreen lock.

    • The weight of the Schlage Encode is 3 pounds, whereas the weight of the Yale Assure is 4.5 pounds.

    • The dimensions of the Schlage Encode are 0.89 x 3 x 5 inches, whereas the dimensions of the Yale Assure are 1.38 x 2.75 x 6.06 inches.

    • The Schlage Encode offers a three-year electronic guarantee as well as a restricted lifetime mechanical and finish warranty, whereas the Yale Assure has a one-year electronic warranty and a lifetime mechanical and finish warranty.

    • In contrast to Yale Assure, Schlage Encode is the most popular smart lock on Amazon. 

    Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

    Yale Assure Wi-Fi Touchscreen Smart Lock

    Schlage Encode

    Yale Assure





    Warranty Description

     ‎3-Year Electronics Warranty and Limited Lifetime Mechanical and Finish Warranty

     ‎Lifetime Limited Warranty on Finish and Mechanical. One Year on Electronics





    ‎Matte Black

    ‎Satin Nickel

    Lock Type


     ‎Biometric, Keypad

    Voice Assistants (Requires Additional Accessories)

      Alexa, Google Assistant

      Alexa, Google Assistant

    Home Automation

      Lock or Unlock From Anywhere by Connecting Directly to Your Home’s WiFi Network.

      Lock or Unlock From Anywhere by Connecting Directly to Your Home’s WiFi Network.

    Included Components

     ‎Lockset, Hardware, Installation Instructions

     ‎Yale Assure Lock Touhcscreen, Connected by August Module, August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, August DoorSense, Deadbolt, Strike Plate, Mounting Hardware, Installation Manual, 2 keys

    Recommended Uses For Product



    Finish Type




    0.89 x 3 x 5 Inches

    1.38 x 2.75 x 6.06 Inches

    Item Weight

    3 Pounds

    4.55 Pounds

    FAQS :

    Is there an auto-lock feature?

    Answer: It's definitely perplexing to get both yes and no replies! I just put the lock in. Two applications are used to control it. Schlange Home and Amazon Key It's a little perplexing, but you'll need both. Both programs provide an auto-lock feature. You have the option of selecting 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, or 4 minutes. It is difficult to navigate the applications.

    Log lock/unlock? I'm not sure whether this keeps track of who uses their access code. Is it keeping a log?

    The history log is located at the bottom of the Schlage Home app page. It tracks "how" the lock was used—even if you never use user codes other than the defaults.

    Will a pre-programmed code still function if there is a power outage?

    Yes, it is. Batteries power it. During a power outage, however, you will be unable to use the app to access the lock since your wifi will most likely be unavailable. The absence of power has no effect on the typical lock and unlock functions.

    For the "August" release. Is anyone having problems with your Bluetooth unlocking automatically unlocking as they go about their house if it is enabled?

    No, it does not. It only allows auto-unlock when your phone's GPS suggests you've left the vicinity of your current location.

    Will one August Connect Wi-Fi bridge be enough to link two Yale Guarantee locks? I now have one lock but would like to acquire another and would need to know.

    Because the bridge connects to the lock through Bluetooth, you'll need a unique August Connect WiFi Bridge for each lock. If you wish to utilize August, make sure you obtain the Assure for August version because the Z-Wave version does not.

    Is there an auto-lock feature on this model?

    Answer: Yes, this model has an auto-lock feature and a timer. Excellent function that works well! Description: Schlage Encode vs Yale Assure

    About this item – Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt with Century Trim in Matte Black

    • It’s never been easier to connect with Schlage’s safety, simplicity, and elegance.
    • Prepared for smart homes Built with cutting-edge smart home technology, you can control your lock with voice commands and integrate it into home automation routines.
    • Simple, secure access from any location With the unique Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt, you can have peace of mind from anywhere.
    • App management The Schlage Home app allows you to manage up to 100 access codes per lock, check lock history, get customizable notifications, and effortlessly operate numerous locks.
    • High-level security Protect what matters most with a built-in alarm and industry experts’ highest AAA rating in residential security, durability, and finish.

    • Built-in WiFi allows you to connect to your home network without the use of any hubs or adapters.

    • Lock or unlock your door remotely using the Schlage Home app or the Key by Amazon app, and control access for trustworthy guests.

    • Remote entry You can effortlessly connect your Schlage Encode Smart Wifi Deadbolt to your home WiFi network using the built-in WiFi for quick and secure remote access.

    • An alarm detects efforts to forcibly open the door. Installation takes only a few minutes and requires no hardwiring. Fits well on normal residential doors.

    • When you purchase the Amazon Cloud Cam (Key Edition), you may get footage of people entering or exiting your house and opt-in for in-home delivery (for Prime members, where applicable).

    About this item – Yale Assure Lock – Wi-Fi Touchscreen Smart Lock – Satin Nickel

    • Never lose your keys. The hands are full. With Auto-Unlock, you may have your door unlocked for you.
    • Hide-a-key is giving way to digital keys. Share permanent, temporary, or scheduled access with friends, family, and others you trust quickly and effortlessly, and never hide a key under the doormat again.
    • 2 3/8 or 2 3/4 inch backsetThe Ensure Lock is a smart lock with a stylish touchscreen keypad for keyless entry.
    • August connects the lock, enabling you to lock/unlock, share access, and monitor who comes and leaves from anywhere using your August app! For added convenience, your secure lock will unlock automatically as you approach the door and relock as you close it!
    • You may also use voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri to lock, unlock, or check the current status.
    • Alternatively, you may use the keypad or the Yale Access app on your smartphone or Apple Watch to open the door. Enjoy keyless entry and ditch the cumbersome keychain.
    • Increase the size of your smart home: Connect your lock to your voice assistant or smart home system of choice.
    • Works with Amazon Alexa, Hey Google, Airbnb, Philips Hue, Apple HomeKit, and other smart home devices.
    • The Wi-Fi Connect Bridge is included, so no other hub is required. Deadbolt Single-cylinder engine DeadboltAuto-Locking and Unlocking: When you arrive home, your Assure Lock will auto-unlock for completely hands-free unlocking.
    • Your house is automatically secured with Auto-Lock and DoorSense after your door is closed or after a certain length of time.
    • Take note of your door’s backset, cross bore, and thickness to ensure a proper fit. Take note of your door’s backset, cross bore, and thickness to ensure a proper fit.