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Schumacher SC1280 vs SC1281 – Which one Should You Buy?

    Schumacher SC1280 Fully Automatic Battery Charger






    Schumacher SC1281 6/12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger

    Schumacher SC1280 vs SC1281

    Schumacher SC1280 vs SC1281: When it’s time to charge your car battery, Schumacher offers two options: the SC1280 and SC1281. In this blog, we’ll compare these user-friendly chargers to help you decide which one suits your needs best.

    Schumacher SC1280 vs SC1281 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • Both the Schumacher SC1280 and the Schumacher SC1281 are extremely well-liked automatic battery chargers now available on the market.
    • When compared to the more expensive Schumacher SC1281, the Schumacher SC1280 is a more affordable option.
    • While the Schumacher SC1281 contains a battery/alternator tester and wrap clutches that make it possible to store cords in a secure and handy manner, the Schumacher SC1280 does not have these features.
    • The Schumacher SC1280 Amps has a rating of 15A, whereas the SC1281 Boost has a rating of 30A.
    • The charging time required for the Schumacher SC1280 is over four hours, whereas the charging time required for the Schumacher SC1281 is only two hours.
    • Both the Schumacher SC1280 and the Schumacher SC1281 have a number of fantastic features in common, including the following: Reverse Hook-up Protection; Display Type: Digital Display; Voltage: 6V/12V; Maintenance Mode; Desulfator Mode; No Heavy Duty Modes; and a great deal more.
    • The weight of the Schumacher SC1280 is 3.05 pounds, whereas the weight of the Schumacher SC1281 is 12.65 pounds.
    • The dimensions of the Schumacher SC1280 are 9.96 inches by 4.29 inches by 10.03 inches, whereas the dimensions of the Schumacher SC1281 are 7.25 inches by 10.75 inches by 11.13 inches.

    Schumacher SC1280 Fully Automatic Battery Charger

    Schumacher SC1281 6/12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger

    Schumacher SC1280

    Schumacher SC1281








    Wrap Cleats allow for safe and convenient cord storage

    Battery/Alternator Tester





    6V | 12V

    6V | 12V

    Battery Types

    Standard, AGM, Gel, Deep-cycle

    Standard, AGM, Gel, Deep-cycle

    Display Type

    Digital display

    Digital display

    Reverse Hook-up Protection

    Maintian Mode

    Desulfator mode

    No Heavy Duty Modes

    Color-coded battery clamps

    LED Indicators

    Push-button control

    Item Weight

    3.05 pounds

    12.65 pounds


    9.96 x 4.29 x 10.03 inches

    7.25 x 10.75 x 11.13 inches

    FAQS :

    Will this fit my 1995 Toyota Camry with four cylinders? How do I put it to use? Is it risk-free to use? How long will it take to fully charge a dead battery?

    Answer: Yes, it will work; it is the best I have seen and used, and it is quite safe. This one is my favorite because it includes an indicator that shows the state of charge and then climbs up to 100% when the battery is fully charged and then automatically enters maintenance mode. It has protection from incorrect wire connections. Standard, AGM, deep cycle, and gel cell charges Connect the red clamps to the positive battery terminal and the black clamps to the negative battery cable, then plug them into a three-prong wall socket and an extension with three prongs. If your battery has fillable cells, remove the caps and add distilled water sparingly if the electrolyte is below the filler holes. Charge the battery in your automobile. The Toyota Camry utilizes a TrueStart battery; therefore, it's a "standard" 12V battery for the SC1200A speed charger, so remove the filler caps as the electrolyte will bubble and boil. At a 12 amp setting for several hours, you may monitor its progress using the led% indicator. This one has a desulfonation mode and, if necessary, will attempt to fix a defective battery at startup. It's a powerful battery charger.

    What is the length of the power cord?

    Answer: The power cord and the cable cord are both 6 feet long.

    Is this OK for a deep-cycle marine battery? Is there an engine start mode to jump-start the battery?

    There is no engine-start mode. I use this charger on my marine "Deep Cycle Battery," and it works perfectly. I've had no issues with this charger. So far, I'm happy with it. Knowing what I know now, I would buy another one like it.

    Is there a built-in battery in this that I can use to jump my car while on the go? Or do I need to have access to a power outlet?

    The answer is no. This is a battery charger. You must remove the battery and transport it to a location where there is power for the charger to function.

    What is the product's warranty?

    A two-year warranty is available for the SC1280.

    My charger charges or floats at more than 15 volts, which appears to be excessive. Is this a faulty item, or is this normal?

    This is quite normal. To charge a battery, the charger must produce a higher voltage than the battery. Many of the larger batteries may produce up to 16 volts when fully charged. As a result, the charger would need to provide 17 volts, which is why some battery chargers produce 20 volts.

    Is it a four-stage charger (bulk, absorption, float, and equalization)?

    The SC1281 does, in fact. Features such as bulk, absorption, equalization, desulfation, and maintenance

    What does 2/6 signify? Is this information about the trickle or the battery maintenance mode?

    Yes, you are accurate, but this is also the desulfating mode if necessary. If desulfation is required, it will commence automatically. When completed, a green light appears, and 'Maintaining' indicates that everything is in order. Failure to desulfate = RED light. A faulty battery. I adore it. I tried charging a battery that had been ignored for a couple of years approximately 5–6 times on the 100A boost mode and 30 amp mode, and the battery would not move over 11.9V. In other words, if this battery had not charged, I would have gone out and purchased a new one. It was charging with the connections unplugged, so it couldn't be draining due to a short. I performed the 6>2 Charge, and it rescued my patootie! Instead of a chattering click-click-click-click, I connected the connections and began right up. This saved me over $200 on a 'poor battery'. That is why I purchased it, and it worked. It's my first time, and it's fantastic.

    What makes this model (SC1281) different from the more expensive model (SC1308)? Are the descriptions the same?

    Answer: The SC1281 charges STD, AGM, and GEL batteries, while the SC1308 charges STD and AGM batteries.

    Will it start charging if the battery is completely dead?

    Yes, the SC1281 can charge a dead battery.

    Will it deplete the battery if I leave this connected to a battery but not hooked into a wall?

    The SC1281 will consume a modest amount of power from your battery.

    The readout displays Sul. What exactly does this mean?

    DESULFATION MODE is the correct answer. Desulfation could take between 8 and 10 hours. During this period, the display will display "SUL" and the BAD BATTERY (red) LED will illuminate. If desulfation fails, charging will stop, the display will display "F02," and the BAD BATTERY (red) LED will remain illuminated.

    I want to charge faster; is charging with 30 amps instead of 2 amps a bad idea? Is it harmful to the battery?

    Answer: I'm not sure why the other two replies 'jumped' to conclusions and concluded your battery was defective just because you wanted to charge it faster. People keep their interior lights on for days at a time; any number of electrical components in a vehicle might short and drain the battery; aftermarket electronics deplete rarely used automotive batteries; and so on. 30A is a little high for your needs, but it is on the charger. It is always preferable to take it easy with lower charge rates when possible, but there is nothing wrong with it. To get a good battery. Description: Schumacher SC1280 vs SC1281

    About this item – Schumacher SC1280 Fully Automatic Battery Charger and Maintainer 15 Amp/3 Amp, 6V/12V – for Marine and Automotive Batteries

    • Charging at Multiple Stages Utilize the sophisticated charging algorithm developed by Schumacher to ensure the best possible condition for your batteries at all times.
    • The Schumacher SC1280 is a fully automatic device that can automatically distinguish between 6V and 12V batteries. When the battery reaches its maximum capacity, the device will automatically switch to maintenance mode and stop charging the battery.
    •  BUILT-IN PROTECTION  With its reverse hook-up prevention, the SC1280 avoids damage to the battery by preventing the charger from functioning if the clamps are connected in the wrong order.
    • Display with multiple functions Check the battery voltage, the state of the charging process, and the percentage of charge using the display. The LEDs indicate whether or not the clamps are reversed and whether or not they are charging.
    • Batteries that are compatible: The Schumacher SC1280 is capable of charging ordinary batteries with voltages of 6V and 12V, as well as AGM, gel, and deep-cycle batteries.
    • REVERSE HOOK-UP PROTECTION: The charger has superior reverse hook-up protection that prevents any damage from occurring even if the clamps are not connected in the correct manner.
    • MONITORING OF THE FLOATING MODE A battery maintainer will give a very low current while the battery is in float mode, but only when absolutely essential to keep the device completely charged.
    • CONTROLLED BY A MICROPROCESSOR: After obtaining data from the battery that is connected, the microprocessor makes adjustments to the voltage and charge. This makes it possible to charge the battery quickly without having a detrimental impact on its capacity or its lifespan.
    • BOOST THE HEALTH OF YOUR BATTERIES: The device is equipped with multi-stage charging and float-mode monitoring to ensure that the battery is in the best possible condition over its entire lifespan.

    About this item – Schumacher SC1281 6/12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger, Engine Starter, Boost Maintainer and Auto Desulfator with Advanced Diagnostic Testing- 100 Amp/30 Amp, 6V/12V

    • ADVANCED CHARGING ALGORITHM An advanced algorithm is used during multi-stage charging in order to maximize the battery’s charge as well as its health and lifespan.
    • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: The Schumacher SC1281 provides a 100A engine start, a 30A boost, and 6A>2A charge/maintain rates. It is powerful enough for automobiles, sport utility vehicles, and trucks.
    • HOME STORAGE GARAGE A high-quality Schumacher battery charger and jump starter are essential pieces of equipment for any residential garage.
    • Advanced Diagnostics: An integrated battery and alternator tester evaluates the current charge level and assists in the diagnosis of electrical issues.
    • The charger is fully automatic and offers multi-stage charging, faulty battery identification, float mode monitoring, and protection against reverse hook-up.
    • FLOAT MODE MONITORING: When a battery charger and maintainer are operating in float mode, they send out a very low current only when absolutely necessary to ensure that the device remains completely charged.
    • 30A BOOST MODE: The boost modes swiftly revive batteries that have been depleted to a very low level.
    • Enhanced charging with many stages for more precision, safety, and battery life
    • The Schumacher SC1281 is capable of charging a wide variety of batteries, including conventional, AGM, gel, and deep-cycle batteries.