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Schwinn 411 vs Schwinn 430 – Best Elliptical Machine >>>

    SCHWINN Fitness 411 Compact Elliptical Machine


    4.1 Rating
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    Schwinn Fitness 430 Elliptical


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    Schwinn 411 vs Schwinn 430

    Schwinn 411 vs Schwinn 430: When it comes to elliptical training machines, choosing between the Schwinn 411 and the Schwinn 430 might be a challenging task. Both of them are wonderful options, but which one is superior? The goal of this comparison of the Schwinn 411 and the Schwinn 430 is to help you decide which product is better for your needs.

    Schwinn 411 vs Schwinn 430  – Quick Comparison Summary

    • The Schwinn 411 and the Schwinn 430 are both Amazon Choice products, which means they have received high ratings from customers.

    • Schwinn 411 is less expensive, whereas Schwinn 430 is more expensive.

    • The Schwinn 411 comes with 13 different programs, while the Schwinn 430 features a whopping 22 different programs.

    • The Schwinn 411 comes standard with a heart rate monitor as well as the Explore the World and Explore the World apps, but the Schwinn 430 lacks both of these features.

    • In comparison, the Schwinn 411 only has 18 strides whereas the Schwinn 430 has 20 precision path strides.

    • The Schwinn 411 features 16 different resistance levels, whereas the Schwinn 430 has 20 different levels of resistance.

    • The Schwinn 411 has a 5.5-inch High-Contrast LCD display, while the Schwinn 430 has two dual-track LCD displays.

    • When it comes to weight, the Schwinn 411 is 100 pounds, whereas the Schwinn 430 is 165 pounds.

    • Schwinn 430 has speakers, but Schwinn 411 does not.

    SCHWINN Fitness 411 Compact Elliptical Machine

    Schwinn Fitness 430 Elliptical

    Schwinn 411 – Elliptical Machine 

    Schwinn 430 – Elliptical Machine 




    No. of Programs



    Bluetooth Connectivity

    Heart Rate & Explore the World App

    Stride Length

    18″ Stride

    20″ Precision Path Stride


    5.5″ High Contrast LCD

    2 DualTrack LCD Displays

    Resistance Levels





    Item Weight

    100 Pounds

    165 Pounds

    Item Weight

    65 x 27 x 13 inches

    70.1 x 28.2 x 63.2 inches

    Warranty Description

    10 Years Frame, 2 Years Parts, 90 Days Labor

    10 years frame, 2 years mechanical parts, 1 year electronics, 90 days labor

    FAQS :

    We've had mixed results with home fitness equipment. They appear to be breaking. Is there any information on durability?

    Answer: The 411 elliptical is as tough as any fitness club machine that costs four or five times as much. I've been using mine (twice a day) for over 6 months and am really happy with it. Every link has stayed safe. The device is very stable and runs smoothly and quietly.

    Do I need to purchase any tools or grease before putting this together?

    No, it does not come with everything you require. This elliptical is fantastic. It's been fantastic for the past year. I'm a single parent, and it took me approximately 2 hours to put together. The directions are simple to follow; simply go slowly and step by step. Well-spent funds!

    Schwinn seemed to be the ticket. Is this a good machine or a bad machine?

    Answer: It's a fantastic machine that's well-made. I bought this for my son, who suffers from severe depression and anxiety, and he uses it frequently.

    What is the size of this one?

    Answer: We've crammed our unit into the furthest corner of a 10' × 10' room. It protrudes roughly six feet longitudinally and two and a half feet from the side wall.

    I notice that a milk shake holder is included, but can I purchase a french fries tray separately?

    Answer: Right over the milkshake slot is a built-in French fry slot. If you want to dip your fries as well, this is the ideal location!

    Is there a spot below the panel where I can put my tablet? I normally watch a video while working out.

    Answer: It has two compartments, but I don't believe they're big enough for a pill, so I put my water bottle in instead. I also watch movies while exercising and keep my tablets on the panel, which features a rail that is ideal for holding a tablet or phone. Description: Schwinn 411 vs Schwinn 430

    About this item – SCHWINN Fitness 411 Compact Elliptical Machine

    • You may adjust the difficulty level with 16 levels of varying resistance. padded handlebars, both moving and fixed, with heart rate contact grips.
    • Time, speed, distance, calories, and heart rate are all shown on a simple interface.
      Low-impact cardio exercises in a fraction of the space required by other elliptical machines.
    • If you’re short on space, the Schwinn 411 elliptical was designed with you in mind. The 411 gives a low-impact cardio workout at a quarter of the size of a bigger elliptical machine.
    • The 411’s 18-inch stride, contact and wireless heart rate monitors, and simplified console make getting a full-body workout easier than ever. With an 18″ stride length, this design saves space.
    • Built-in media rack and water bottle holder
      Explore the world and discover over 50 worldwide routes that change according to your speed in real time. (A subscription to Explore the World is needed.)

    About this item – Schwinn Fitness 430 Elliptical

    • Users may establish individual workout objectives using the Goal Track feature.
      22 pre-programmed workouts: 9 profiles, 8 heart rate controls, two fitness tests, and one rapid start.
    • Hand placement is flexible thanks to ergonomically designed movable and fixed handlebars.
    • For a wide range of training intensity possibilities, there are 20 levels of computer controlled resistance.
    • Elliptical trainers are well-known for providing comprehensive full-body exercises. Schwinn bicycles are noted for their high quality and value. The 430 combines the two to give you a smooth, pleasant exercise that improves cardio and muscular strength while helping you lose weight.
    • Easy start-up and smooth, silent workouts thanks to a high-speed, high-inertia drive system.
    • Large cushioned footplates help to make workouts more pleasant and low-impact.
      There are 20 levels of resistance for a variety of training intensities. Two-Track programs and goal tracking are more visible with two LCD screen displays.