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Shark S7001 vs Bissell SpinWave – Comparison and FAQS…

    Shark S7001 Mop, Scrub & Sanitize at The Same Time






    Bissell SpinWave PET Hard Floor Spin Mop, 20399

    Shark S7001 vs Bissell SpinWave

    Shark S7001 vs Bissell SpinWave: When it comes to floor cleaners, what are the key differences between the Shark S7001 and the Bissell SpinWave? The purpose of this comparative evaluation of the FShark S7001 vs. the Bissell SpinWave is to determine which of these two floor cleaners is superior.

    Shark S7001 vs Bissell SpinWave – Quick Comparison Summary

    • Both the Shark S7001 and the Bissell SpinWave are extremely well-known and highly popular floor cleaners on Amazon.
    • When compared to the more affordable Bissell SpinWave, the Shark S7001 is a bit more costly.
    • The Shark S7001 is convenient for sweeping, cleaning, and disinfecting. While the Bissell SpinWave is only capable of sweeping and cleaning, it cannot be sanitized.
    • While the Bissell SpinWave only comes with the regular mode, the Shark S7001 has light, normal, and deep settings for its steam modes.
    • In contrast to the Bissell SpinWave, which does not have an LED function, the Shark S7001 comes with LED headlights that highlight hidden dirt and messes around your home.
    • The Shark S7001 and the Bissell SpinWave are comparable in a number of respects, including their capacity for rotating power steam pads, their maneuverability and ease, their design for all hard floors that have been sealed, their use of corded electric power, the availability of washable pads, and the length of their cables (22 feet).
    • The weight of the Shark S7001 is 7.8 pounds, whereas the weight of the Bissell SpinWave is 9.5 pounds.
    • When compared to the Bissell Spinwave, the dimensions of the Shark S7001 are as follows: 16 inches in length, 7.9 inches in width, and 26.7 inches in height.

    Shark S7001 Mop, Scrub & Sanitize at The Same Time

    Bissell SpinWave PET Hard Floor Spin Mop, 20399

    Shark S7001

    Bissell SpinWave





    Special Feature

    Upright Lock, Headlights, 22 ft. Power Cord, Swivel Steering


    Surface Recommendation

    Sealed Hard Floors

    Hard Floor

    Power Source

    Corded Electric

    Corded Electric



    220 Volts

    Cable Length

    22 Feet

    22 Feet




    Included Components

    (4) Dirt Grip Soft Scrub Washable Pads, Filling Flask, Scrub & Steam Mop

    Mop Pads & Formula Included. Comes with 2 soft-touch mop pads, 2 scrubby mop pads and 2 trial-size (8 oz.) PET Multi-Surface Formulas.




    LED Headlight






    1 Cordless Power Flosser, 2 Nozzles (Quad Stream and Standard), 1 USB-C Charging Cable, 1 Wall Adapter

    1 Power Flosser, 3 Nozzles, 1 Nozzle case

    Item Weight

    7.8 pounds

    9.5 pounds

    Product Dimensions

    13.7″D x 6.75″W x 46.5″H

    16″L x 7.9″W x 26.7″H

    FAQS :

    Is it quick to dry and streak-free?

    Answer: It dries quickly, leaves no streaks on tile, and leaves some on hardwood. Everything works best when it is thoroughly heated and dries quickly. I must say that I adore it, and you will be amazed at what comes off your floors after the first washing.

    Can you use this steam mop on laminate floors? They are not directly mentioned in the advertisement. Is it safe for laminate floors?

    Answer: According to what I've read, you should never use steam mops on laminate or LVP. The warranty is voided; however, verify with the manufacturer just in case.

    Can the Shark Steam Scrub S7000AMZ be used on 240 volts?

    No, it does not.

    When I drop the handle, why doesn't this steamer turn on?

    Answer: A filter change is most likely required. If the mop continues to create no steam, the spray tips are most likely clogged. Calcium can block them if you have hard water; therefore, they must be cleaned and opened.

    Will this equipment be suitable for commercial use in a restaurant kitchen?

    Answer: I use this at the front of a restaurant, which means behind the bar, in the dining sections, and in the four bathrooms. Everything is tile or laminate, and I go through four changes of pads and four refills of water. This has saved my back, my company, and these enormous areas that need to be swept.

    Would this device be effective in removing old muck from tile?

    Answer: I'm not sure, and it depends on what the old gunk is made of, but it's not heavy or abrasive enough to perform the job, in my opinion. I have one area with a ceramic floor that was improperly waxed, and the steam mop only removed a portion of the substance, leaving it looking like crap. Having said that, it did remove some of the wax without my scrubbing, so it might have made proper removal simpler, but I can't say.

    Why isn't the power wire length included in the item description? That is a significant point.

    Answer: I recently received mine, and the chord length is adequate. If you don't have many outlets to connect to, use an extension cable. MOP IS AMAZING!

    Is anyone else having trouble registering this product? Why isn't the model number an option on the Bissell registration page?

    Answer: I've only recently registered my I enter 2039, and the product appears. Once registered, it will appear in your profile as Spinwave 20393.

    Can I use different cleaning solutions?

    The answer is no. You should bear in mind, however, that their formulations are selected for a reason. I had a Bissell SpotBot and tried to save money by utilizing a less expensive solution as well as a homemade solution. It turns out that when the machine stops operating or starts pouring clean or dirty fluid all over the place, it loses its warranty. When I submitted the machine in for warranty repair, they refused to fix it because one of the solutions I used caused a rubber seal somewhere in the machine to deteriorate. Bissell could tell by the damage to the machine that I used a solution other than Bissell. So, in a nutshell, no. If you use anything other than what Bissell Company has designed for your specific machine, you will invalidate your warranty.

    Does it collect dog hair?

    Answer: Just like a mop. I always start by vacuuming or sweeping.

    Is it possible to get replacement pads?

    Replacement Pads for the Bissell 2124 Spinwave Mop Pad Kit

    Can I also use this with polish?

    Answer: You cannot use polish with your Bissell cleaner if it is under warranty because they will not cover any problems. Use just the cleaning solution that came with it. Description: Shark S7001 vs Bissell SpinWave

    About this item – Shark S7001 Mop, Scrub & Sanitize at The Same Time, Designed for Hard Floors, with 4 Dirt Grip Soft Scrub Washable Pads, 3 Steam Modes & LED Headlights, Gold, 13.7 in L x 6.75 in W x 46.5 in H

    • DURABLE, SLEEK DESIGN: For comfort and ease of movement
      Over 150 scrapes per minute are produced by an automatic scrubbing mop head with revolving pads, giving you a pleasant cleaning experience and an effortless glide. The pads do all the work.
    • The Shark Steam & Scrub steam mop simultaneously scrubs and sanitizes with gentle pressure. On sealed hard floors, the combination of steam and spinning pads offers chemical-free sanitization and up to 2 times greater stuck-on stain removal than standard steam mops. Studies on sanitization were carried out under regulated test conditions.
    • Results and household circumstances may differ. For information, consult the Owner’s Guide. **Based on S1000 testing and IEC/TC SC 59F (Mustard).
    • SANITIZING AND SCRUBBING: Firm on stains, soft on floors Studies on sanitization were carried out under regulated test conditions. Results and household circumstances may differ. For information, consult the Owner’s Guide. 8 meters is the cord length.
    • Effective Performance: Based on IEC/TC SC 59F (Mustard), evaluated against S1000, powerful steam and spinning pads deliver up to 2x greater stuck-on stain removal than standard steam mops.
    • intended for all sealed hard floors, including stone, marble, hardwood, and tile.
    • Sanitization without chemistry gets rid of 99.9% of microorganisms. 
    • Studies on sanitization were carried out under regulated test conditions. Results and household circumstances may differ. For information, consult the owner’s guide.
    • Swivel steering, an upright lock, and a 22-foot power cord are Additional Features. WHAT’S INCLUDED: A steam and scrub mop, four washable pads for Dirt Grip Soft Scrub, and a refill flask.
    • Three Steam Modals Light is for rapid cleanups; Normal is for general use; and Deep is for messes and stains that won’t come off. 60 seconds for warming up

    About this item – Bissell SpinWave PET Hard Floor Spin Mop, 20399 ,White/Black

    • spinning mop pads with strength. Rotating mop pads that do the work for you might bring back the natural shine to your floors.
    • In-Situ Spray. While cleaning, keep an eye on how much solution is applied to the floor.
    • Simple to handle. It’s ideal for cleaning challenging locations, such as around baseboards, because of its low profile and swivel turning.
    • Included are mop pads and formula. comes with 2 trial-size (8 oz.) PET Multi-Surface Formulas, 2 soft-touch mop pads, and 2 scrubby mop pads.
      No more cleaning your floors on your hands and knees! The BISSELL® SpinWave® PET uses powered spinning mop pads to safely clean sealed hard floors, doing the work for you. On tile, sealed wood floors, laminate, linoleum, rubber floor mats, pressed wood floors, and other surfaces, it is secure and reliable.
    • You may apply as much or as little solution to the floor as necessary thanks to the on-demand spray control. Cleaning around baseboards and below furniture and cabinets is simple with SpinWave® PET because of its lightweight construction and swivel steering. Don’t be concerned about disturbing anyone nearby as you clean. Because SpinWave® PET is designed to clean softly, you get a thorough clean without the noise.
    • Additionally, the machine includes an Easy-Fill Clean Water Tank that is detachable and has a filling guide for cleaning both small and large areas. Additionally, it includes 2 trial-size bottles of PET Multi-Surface Formulas that leave behind a fresh aroma, 2 soft-touch mop pads for general cleaning, and 2 scrubby mop pads for stubborn pet messes. Additionally, this device not only cleans up after dogs but also works to save them!
    • Bissell is pleased to support the Bissell Pet Foundation® and its efforts to save stray animals. By purchasing a Bissell item, you also support the rescue of animals. We take great pride in creating items that help eliminate pet messes, smells, and pet homelessness.
    • On sealed hard surfaces, safe. Powerfully removes stubborn, sticky stains from sealed hard floors, including wood, tile, linoleum, and others.
    • Each purchase saves animals. Bissell is pleased to support the Bissell Pet Foundation and its efforts to preserve stray animals. 0.9 amps of power rating particular uses Hard surface