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Singer 4452 vs Brother ST371HD – Which is Best

    SINGER | Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine






    Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine, Strong & Tough

    Singer 4452 vs Brother ST371HD

    Singer 4452 vs Brother ST371HD: It’s challenging to decide between the Singer 4452 and the Brother ST371HD when it comes to sewing machines. Though both are wise decisions, which is the best? This comparison and evaluation between the Singer 4452 and the Brother ST371HD aims to aid you in determining which product is the better option for you.

    Singer 4452 vs Brother ST371HD– Quick Comparison Summary

    • Both the Singer 4452 and the Brother ST371HD have some amazing features in common, like an automatic needle threader, a 1-Step automatic buttonhole, an easy-to-load top drop-in bobbin system with a clear cover, a free arm, a dial for selecting the stitch or design, and many more.
    • The Singer 4452 has three needle positions, but the Brother ST371HD only has one.
    • The Singer 4452 has an extra-high sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute, while the Brother ST371HD has an extra-high sewing speed of 800 stitches per minute.
    • While the Brother ST371HD lacks this feature, the Singer 4452 has adjustable presser foot pressure.
    • Singer 4452 weighs 14.6 pounds, whereas Brother ST371HD weighs 18.4 pounds.

      Singer 4452’s dimensions are 6.25 x 15.5 x 12 inches, while Brother ST371HD’s dimensions are 7.87 x 16.1 x 12.21 inches.

    • Compared to the Brother ST371HD sewing machine, the Singer 4452 is extremely popular on Amazon.

    • The Singer 4452 has 32 built-in stitches, while the Brother T371HD has 37 built-in stitches.

    • When compared to the more expensive Brother ST371HD, the Singer 4452 is the most cost-effective option. 

    SINGER | Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine

    Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine, Strong & Tough

    Singer Heavy Duty 4452

    Brother ST371HD





    Extra-High Sewing Speed Per Minute



    Number of Needle Position




    Built-In Stitches



    Easy-to-Load Top Drop-In Bobbin System with Clear Cover

    Automatic Needle Threader

    Free Arms

    Buttonhole Style

    One-Step Buttonhole

    One-Step Buttonhole

    Stitch/Design Selection






    Power Source

    Corded Electric

    Corded Electric



     Free Arm Option

    Item Weight

    14.6 Pounds

    18.4 Pounds

    Product Dimensions

    6.25 x 15.5 x 12 inches

    7.87 x 16.1 x 12.21 inches

    FAQS :

    The feet are either metal or plastic. Some versions' plastic foot attachments irritate me.

    The one I always use is made of metal. The set also includes a few plastic extra feet. I haven't even tested them to see what they're for or used them. There are some additional metal bits that I have not examined. Hope this was useful. I haven't used the extra feet because I haven't needed them.

    What are EVERY accessory that comes with the machine?

    All-purpose feet, zipper feet, buttonhole feet, button sewing feet, non-stick feet, even feed/walking feet, clearance plates, needles, seam rippers/brushes, edge/quilting guides, spool holders, three bobbins, L-screwdrivers, auxiliary spool pins, spool pin felt, and soft covers are the appropriate foot types. There are ten optional accessories that are not included but can be bought from accredited online sellers.

    Does this equipment function in Hong Kong?

    No, it won't, in response. Sorry. 220 Volts/50Hz AC is used in Hong Kong. ONLY 110 V/60 Hz AC IS SUPPORTED BY THIS APPARATUS. It lacks a global power source. You can connect it to a Hong Kong outlet using one of the plug adapters that are available, but doing so will harm the motor.

    Is this a commercial device?

    The Heavy Duty Singer model 4452 sewing machine is a home sewing machine, to be precise. This machine is a real workhorse thanks to its strong motor and heavy-duty aluminium frame. The Singer App offers free Owner's Class videos and instruction.

    I just placed an order, but I haven't received anything yet. Can I add a protection plan?

    Your Singer Heavy Duty model 4452 sewing machine will only be covered by the manufacturer's guarantee, according to Singer. We advise visiting, scrolling to the very bottom of the page, and clicking "Amazon Assist" in the dark area to learn more about the extended warranty available there. When that page loads, scroll down to "Need Help?" and select "Contact Us" from the drop-down menu. There, you can email Amazon customer service with your query.

    Although it is thought to be heavy duty, can this machine also sew delicately and lightly?

    Answer: I used it to sew dance costumes out of exquisite tulle with silky appliqués on them as well as two skirts and a kimono for my granddaughter. It sewed nicely and without any issues. The perfect tool for sewing.

    Can this machine actually sew through multiple denim layers?

    Since I've only had this machine for a little over a week, I haven't actually tried to hem any jeans yet. I've never had a machine that could sew through six layers of thick denim, but this one did an excellent job at it. I have fallen in love with this machine so far since using it is very simple. Making buttonholes is the one thing I've had difficulties with, although I haven't practised much.

    Does it have the capacity to lift the presser foot extra high?

    That's right, it does.

    In order for me to execute free motion quilting, I would like to know if the feed dogs on the Brothers tough and sew machine can be dropped.

    Answer: You certainly can. The feed dog lever is located within the front storage space.

    Is there an internal light in this device?

    The answer is yes, but it's not at all brilliant. To put behind the machine and point at the feed plate, I had to purchase a clip-on LED light (it took me three tries to find one bright enough). Description: Singer 4452 vs Brother ST371HD

    About this item – SINGER | Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine , Gray

    • needle to tower sewing space is 6.25″, and the height is 4.25″.
    • Heavy-Duty Equipment: Real Workhorse SINGER Heavy Duty sewing machines can handle thicker fabrics and lengthier seams without breaking the budget thanks to a 50% increase in power and improved speed.
    • An all-metal workhorse with a solid frame. The SINGER Heavy Duty 4452 sewing machine allows you to quickly produce results of the highest calibre. The heavy-duty inner metal frame ensures skip-free stitching, and the stainless steel bed-plate facilitates easy fabric flow.
    • HIGH-SPEED SEWING MACHINE: Projects may be done rapidly thanks to the Singer 4452 sewing machine’s maximum stitching speed of 1,100 spm. It is able to sew through heavyweight fabrics with ease thanks to its 60% stronger motor than regular sewing machines.
    • With the heavy-duty SINGER 4452 sewing machine, you can produce expert results quickly. With 1,100 stitches per minute of extra-high stitching speed, you can complete projects 30% faster than with a conventional sewing machine. The heavy-duty inner metal frame ensures skip-free sewing, and the stainless steel bed plate allows for easy fabric flow. Additional robust attachments.
    • SINGER HEAVY-DUTY SEWING MACHINE: The SINGER Heavy Duty 4452 sewing machine is equipped with a number of features that making stylish clothes and presents for loved ones and yourself exciting and fun. The 32 built-in stitches on the sewing machine consist of 6 Basic, 7 Stretch, 18 Decorative, and 1 Fully Automatic 1-step Buttonhole. A wide range of stitch kinds for all sewing projects, including crafts, home décor, apparel creation, and many more. Needle to tower stitching space of 6.25″ and height of 4.25″
    • Applications for 110 Stitches on any fabric
    • SEWING MACHINE WITH AUTOMATIC NEEDLE THREADER: After following the threading path written directly on the machine, this built-in feature enables you to easily thread the needle’s eye without exerting too much effort or becoming frustrated, Machine Dimensions: 15 x 6 x 12 inches
    • For usage in the US and Canada at 110 volts only, this sewing machine is warranted Amps (0.7), Watts (84), Volts (120V), and Hertz (60).
    • The SINGER Heavy Duty 4452 sewing machine is a real workhorse and the company’s best-selling model. The sturdy quality inner metal frame offers skip-free sewing, while the stainless steel bedplate allows for easy fabric flow. Easy to insert, remove, and keep an eye on the thread supply is the top drop-in bobbin.

    About this item – Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine, Strong & Tough, 37 Built-in Stitches, Free Arm Option, 6 Included Feet

    • Drop-in top bobbin and automatic needle threader: This sewing machine has a convenient drop-in top bobbin that resists jamming and an automated needle threader that precisely pushes the thread through the needle.
      37 Special Built-In Decorative and Utility Stitches includes 37 stitches, including an auto-size buttonhole, zigzag, stretch, and decorative stitches.
    • The Brother ST371HD has 37 different built-in stitches, including an auto-size buttonhole.
      Strong and tough features like a metal needle plate and heavy-weight needles give the dependable and durable mechanical sewing machine ST371HD a powerful punch.
    • Any other usage or sale of this device nullifies the warranty because it is only designed for sale in the US at 120 volts.
      Flexible free arm: For a variety of common sewing tasks, this free arm sewing machine is ideal for both beginning and experienced sewers.
      For people who need flexibility and durability, the Brother ST371HD is a heavy-duty sewing machine that is well built. This sturdy and reliable sewing machine is ideal for regular stitching and mending on everything from heavy silks to thick outdoor fabrics.
    • The ST371HD comes with heavyweight needles and a metal needle plate for easier fabric feeding. This superb sewing machine is even more valuable thanks to the 37 utility and decorative stitches for blind hems, stretch stitches, buttonholes, zipper insertion, and other tasks. Six sewing feet, including a spring-action zigzag foot, nonstick, blind stitch, zipper, and buttonhole feet, are included with the Brother ST371HD.
    • Additionally, you may easily finish free-motion sewing thanks to the drop-feed option. A built-in simple needle threader, a jam-resistant Quick-Set drop-in top bobbin, an automatic bobbin winding mechanism, and a free arm for stitching jeans, cuffs, and sleeves are further features of this heavy-duty sewing machine.
    • At your side, assistance The ST371HD sewing machine is backed by Brother’s At Your Side Help programme, which provides free technical support via phone, online chat, and live chat for the duration of the machine.
    • Accessories provided: The ST371HD heavy duty sewing machine comes with 6 sewing feet, a handbook, a DVD with instructions, and more.