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Singer 44s vs 4432 – Best Heavy Duty Sweings Machines…

    Singer Classic 23-Stitch Heavy-Duty Mechanical Sewing Machine, 44S






    SINGER Heavy Duty Sewing Machine, 4432

    Singer 44s vs 4432

    Singer 44s vs 4432: In terms of Singer heavy-duty sewing machines, what distinguishes the Singer 44s from the Singer 4432? The goal of the Singer 44s vs. Singer 4432 comparison review is to determine which heavy-duty sewing machine is superior.

    Singer 44s vs 4432– Quick Comparison Summary

    • The Singer 4432 has 110 different stitch applications; however, the Singer 44S only has 97 different stitch applications.

    • Unlike Singer 44s, the Singer 4432 has an LED light bulb.

    • Singer 44S dimensions are 16.5 x 7.25 x 13.2 inches, while Singer 4432 dimensions are 15.5 x 6.25 x 12 inches.

    • While Singer 44s lacks this feature, Singer 4432 features an Extra High Presser Foot Lifter.

    • Both the Singer 44s and the Singer 4432 have some amazing features in common, including adjustable stitch width of 6mm, presser foot control sewing machine, high-performance motor, free arm, extra-high sewing speed of 1100 stitches per minute, heavy duty metal frame, top drop-in bobbin system with clear cover, included soft cover, three adjustable needle positions, easy stitch selection dial, one-step buttonhole, and many more.

    • More than 80% of the 7,827+ reviews for the Singer 4432 on Amazon give it 5 stars. That is just incredible. However, there are fewer positive reviews for the 44S. The 4432 shines a little brighter than the other.

    • While the Singer 4432 weighs 15 pounds, the Singer 44S weighs 17 pounds.

    • While the Singer 4432 has 32 built-in stitches, the Singer 44S only has 23 built-in stitches.

    Singer Classic 23-Stitch Heavy-Duty Mechanical Sewing Machine, 44S

    SINGER Heavy Duty Sewing Machine, 4432

    Singer 44S

    Singer 4432





    LED Light Bulb

    Extra High Presser Foot Lifter

    Built-In Stitches



    Stitch Applications



    Adjustable Stitch Width is 6mm

    High-Performance Motor

    Easy-to-Load Top Drop-In Bobbin System with Clear Cover

    3 Variable Needle Positions


    Free Arms

    Full Metal Frame for Durability

    Heavy Duty Metal Frame

    Machine Cover

    Soft Cover

    Soft Cover

    Buttonhole Style

    One-Step Buttonhole

    One-Step Buttonhole

    Stitches Per Minute

    1100 Stitch

    1100 Stitch

    Easy Stitch Selection






    Power Source

    Corded Electric

    Corded Electric




    Item Weight

    17 pounds

    15 pounds

    Product Dimensions

    16.5 x 7.25 x 13.2 inches

    15.5 x 6.25 x 12 inches

    FAQS :

    Does this machine experience bobbin thread jamming issues? Exists a warranty?

    Answer: Typically, bobbin threads jam for a variety of reasons, but I've discovered that nearly every machine I've used is susceptible to this issue. I just bought the machine, so I haven't had it for a very long time, but I haven't had any issues so far. Always remember to wound your bobbin thread securely; this is a common cause of jamming. In addition, Singer Co. provides a 90-day, 2-year, and 25-year warranty, each covering various components. Similar to a car warranty. I believe these warranties apply to all Singer machines, though. I use this machine for upholstery purposes and have discovered that it works nicely with numerous layers of heavy cloth. I consider it to be the latest model of the "Heavy Duty 4413-et al." machines, with performance modifications. I'm pretty happy. I am also satisfied with its weight. It is incredibly robust and weighty, which initially led me to believe that the majority of it was composed of well-forged steel. Therefore, kudos for that. Also, I like the absence of a computer because, in my opinion, they will become obsolete in two years, be replaced by something newer, or break and be expensive to fix.

    Does this machine cease operation with the needle up or down?

    If memory serves, the train stops wherever it stops. I believe an electronic device is required for the needle to always stop in the same location.

    Can this machine be used to produce handbags?

    I would say definitely, as I have used it to make tote bags. I've discovered that it successfully stitches through multiple layers of material. Denim is the toughest material I've ever worked with.

    Is this machine suitable for someone who has never used a sewing machine?

    Yes, this machine is ideal for a novice, and it will also provide you with the speed you will eventually require as your sewing skills advance. It sews one thousand stitches each minute. It is not only quick but also incredibly simple to use. It includes 23 built-in stitches, including a 4-step buttonhole maker. I purchased it for my mother and utilised it for several months prior to giving it to her. She absolutely adores her sewing machine!

    This machine has a free-arm for sleeves and cuffs.

    Yes, the foundation can be detached so that sleeves and cuffs can be sewn.

    Does the 4432 have the conventional "arc feed" or the "box feed"?

    The machine may feed boxes. Let me now explain this in plain terms. Most feed dogs on sewing machines, which are responsible for moving the cloth beneath the needle, move in an arc. This indicates that each time they rotate to the top, they move up and down while tugging the fabric. As long as the feed dogs are down, you can move it because there is no consistent pressure applied to the fabric. An uneven or skipped stitch could result from this. This device utilises a box feed. This indicates that the feed dogs do not travel in an arc up and down. They continuously apply pressure on the fabric as they move it. This is significant both for thick and thin fabrics. You may choose the quantity of feed or pressure thanks to the adjustable feed. You may also control how firmly the pressure foot presses down on the fabric thanks to a pressure adjustment on the foot. You can now change how the fabric is fed thanks to this. For instance, you want even pressure when sewing the butterfly stitch so that the chain of butterflies is the same each time. Since you don't want to eat too quickly, the pressure is lowered. On the other hand, if you plan to sew a lot of straight seams quickly, put more pressure on the foot and fully feed the dogs. If the curve is a sleeve, for example, moving more slowly will allow you to feed the material in a circular motion. The curve will be stitched neatly using the medium feed setting and the medium pressure setting for the material being used. If you spin the material too quickly, it won't fit through the machine. A bunching or overflow of material is the outcome. Always lay the sleeve on the bottom since the bottom of the fabric feeds faster than the top. When the speed is just correct, the fabric can be gently positioned without being pinched.

    Can somebody explain the differences between the 5532 and the 4432 from singer? Is the 5532 worth $199 compared to $99 for the 4432?

    I haven't used or tried the H 5532, but based on online research, it appears that the stitches on each machine vary. Both Singer 4432 and Singer 5532 have a limited number of additional stitches. The machine functions the same and has the same attachments. I've had a lot of fun with the Singer 4432. I can sew on heavy materials like denim without much effort. The one to choose if you prefer more ornamental stitching is that one. The rest is identical.

    Can you use this equipment with a walking foot?

    The answer is yes, a walking foot can be used with the SINGER 4432 Heavy Duty sewing machine. If you get in touch with our customer care team, they can give you suggestions on the kind of foot you require for this particular machine type.

    What makes the 4432 and the 4452 different from one another?

    The biggest distinction between these 2 versions is that the SINGER 4452 comes with a selection of extra heavy-duty accessories, including: Non-stick feet, a clearance plate, an even feed/walking foot, and heavy-duty needles (size 16). Description: Singer 44s vs 4432

    About this item – Singer Classic 23-Stitch Heavy-Duty Mechanical Sewing Machine, 44S

    • You’ll be able to sew virtually anything with the help of this Singer Classic 23-Stitch Mechanical Sewing Machine because it comes equipped with a robust engine and an exceptionally fast sewing speed of 1,000 stitches per minute.
    • The inside frame is made of heavy-duty metal, while the bed plate is made of stainless steel. Together, these components are sturdy and durable enough to survive extensive usage.
    • This heavy-duty sewing machine from Singer is model 44S, and it features an automatic needle threader as well as a top drop-in bobbin. You may be able to reduce the amount of time needed to complete your project as a result of this.
    • It comes with 23 built-in stitches that are handy for making a variety of embellishments in addition to regular stitching applications. These stitches may be found under the built-in stitches menu.
    • This traditional sewing machine enables you to make adjustments to the stitch width, density, and length, which makes it perfect for a wide variety of projects. When sewing on a wide variety of fabrics and materials, having three needle settings at your disposal gives you more freedom.
    • This Singer Classic 23-Stitch Mechanical Sewing Machine comes with a range of extras, such as a light for improved visibility, to make your sewing experience more convenient.

    About this item – SINGER Heavy Duty Sewing Machine With Included Accessory Kit, 110 Stitch Applications 4432, Perfect For Beginners, Gray

    • 110 Applications for Stitch.
    • strong metal frame The sewing machine’s internal framework is made of sturdy metal. All the mechanisms are perfectly aligned thanks to its robust support, ensuring skip-free sewing and overall durability.
    • Easy-to- Clear Cover Load Top Drop-In Bobbin System It is simple to insert the bobbin because it loads from the top. It is easy to keep an eye on the bobbin thread supply thanks to the clear cover.
      A built-in reverse lever on the Singer 4432 heavy-duty sewing machine allows you to sew in reverse and reinforce stitches.
    • 110V device.
    • 1-Step Automatic Buttonhole Buttonhole sewing is a straightforward, one-step procedure that consistently yields solid results. Simply insert the button into the buttonhole foot, and the sewing machine will create a buttonhole that is precisely the right size.
      Adjustments, belts, rings, bulbs, and attachments have a 90-day limit; Limited 25-Year for Sewing Machine Head; Limited 2-Year for Motors, Light Assembly, Wiring, Switches, Speed Control, and Electronic Components
      All-Purpose, Zipper, Buttonhole, and Button Sewing Feet; Seam Ripper/Lint Brush; Quilting Guide; Needles; Bobbins; Screwdriver; Auxiliary Spool Pin; Spool Pin Felt; Soft-Sided Dust Cover; Power Cord; Foot Controller; and Quick Start Guide are all included in the package.
    • Heavy-Duty Metal Frame: Increases stability and extends durability.
    • ACCESSORIES FOR SEWING MACHINES: There are several extras provided, including an all-purpose foot, a zipper foot, a buttonhole foot, a button sewing foot, a seam ripper or lint brush, an edge or quilting guide, needles, bobbins, a screwdriver, an auxiliary spool pin, and spool pin felt, which are all easily kept in the accessory tray. The box also includes a soft-sided dust cover.
    • Included are four presser feet for enhanced capability. Increase the machine’s versatility for different methods.
      Expanding Capabilities of Drop Feed To disengage the feed dogs, just flip the drop-feed lever. Ideal for creative free-motion sewing, buttoning, and darning socks and pants.
    • Automatically threading needles This technology effortlessly threads the machine and then automatically threads the needle’s eye without tiring the eyes or causing aggravation.