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TOTO K300 vs S500E – Which is Best

    TOTO K300 Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat






    TOTO S500E Electronic Bidet Toilet Cleansing

    TOTO K300 vs S500E

    TOTO K300 vs S500E: It’s challenging to decide between the TOTO K300 and TOTO S500E when it comes to electric bidet toilet seats. Though both are wise decisions, which is the best? This comparison of the TOTO K300 and TOTO S500E is meant to assist you in determining which product is the better option for you.

    TOTO K300 vs S500E– Quick Comparison Summary

    • The TOTO K300 is less expensive than the TOTO S500E, which is more expensive.

    • Both the TOTO K300 and the TOTO S500E have some amazing features in common, including the Washlet Controls at Your Fingertip and Luxurious Remote, Core Luxuries—Heated Seat, SoftClose Lid, Adjustable Rear and Front Cleaning Streams, Oscillating and Pulsating Clean, and more. Other features include a manufacturer’s one-year limited guarantee, a continuous water heater that never runs out of hot water, and an air deodorizer that cleans the air and neutralizes unwanted odors.

    • TOTO K300 features a Wide Front and Front Cleanse option; however, TOTO S500E just has a Front Cleanse option.

    • Compared to the TOTO S500E, the TOTO K300 Electric Bidet Toilet Seat is extremely popular on Amazon.

    • While the TOTO S500E weighs 15.2 pounds, the TOTO K300 weighs 14.5 pounds.

    • TOTO K300 dimensions are 20.88 x 15.06 x 0.99 inches, whereas TOTO S500E dimensions are 20.94 x 15.06 x 4.81 inches.

    TOTO WASHLET K300 Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

    TOTO S500E Electronic Bidet Toilet Cleansing

    TOTO K300

    TOTO S500E





    Front Cleanse Provides a Gentle and Refreshing Feminine Wash

      Front Cleanse

      Wide Front and Front Cleanse Option

    WASHLET Controls at Your Fingertip

      Luxury Remote

      Luxury Remote

    Advanced Cleaning

      EWATER+ Technology – Cleans Wand Before and After Each Use; PREMIST – Sprays Water Onto Bowl Before Each Use Creating a Slick Surface

      EWATER+ Technology – Cleans Bowl and Wand Before and After Each Use; PREMIST – Sprays Water Onto Bowl Before Each Use Creating a Slick Surface

    Luxury Cleanse Provides an Exceptional Clean

    Oscillating & Pulsating

    Oscillating & Pulsating

    Water Heating Technology for Soothing Warm Water

      Continuous Water Heating That Never Runs Out

      Continuous Water Heating That Never Runs Out

    Core Luxuries – Heated Seat, SoftClose Lid, Adjustable Rear and Front Cleansing Streams

    Air Dryer with Adjustable Temperature Settings

    Air Deodorizer Purifies Air and Neutralizes Unwanted Odors

    Warranty Description

    ‎Manufacturer One Year Limited

    ‎Manufacturer One Year Limited

    Included Components

     ‎WASHLET Bidet Seat, Installation Hardware

     ‎Electronic Bidet Seat, Tee-Connector, Remote Control with Batteries, Mounting Bracket


    20.88 x 15.06 x 0.99 Inches

    20.94 x 15.06 x 4.81 Inches




    Item Weight

    14.5 Pounds

    15.2 Pounds


     ‎Cotton White

     ‎Cotton White

    FAQS :

    Toto's website shows a minimum width size of 8 inches "from the center of the toilet to the outer side edge." I have 7.25 Is this really necessary?

    The 8-inch restriction is only for open space. Certain toilets have tanks that curve inward, making it difficult for the washlets to slip back onto the toilet. The distance between the seat mount holes and the front of the tank must be at least 2 inches, and this distance must extend all the way across the width of the tank to 8 inches. You should be fine if your toilet bowl is only 7.25 inches wide and the tank does not slope inward.

    Is the timer in the remote (where it is programmed) or in the unit? Is it necessary to reset the timer if the power goes out, or simply when the batteries are changed?

    Answer: Unlike my previous unit from another manufacturer, this one does not time out. You cycle through the settings manually for as long as you like, hitting the next feature button or the stop button on the remote to end a feature and pushing the next button in the sequence you choose. Typically, front or backwash, oscillation, air dry, and stop are used. It supplies warm water during either of the wash cycles (front or rear) and doesn't run out of warm water like other machines. Everything is controlled via the remote, which can be wall-mounted using the provided bracket.

    Behind my toilet, I have three water spigots. Can I flush the toilet normally without using the odd one if I use it?

    Answer: With the provided adapter, the washlet will connect to the tank fill valve inlet. The washlet operates independently of the toilet flushing mechanism. Please refer to the page's installation diagram. If you require any extra support, please contact us directly.

    What is the wattage of this unit?

    Answer: The amount of power used depends on many things, such as the settings you choose, the temperature of the water coming in, whether or not you turn on the energy-saving features, and so on.The rated power consumption is 1288 W. Most customers do not notice a significant rise in their electric bill.

    Is it correct that the S500 has a night light, as described in an earlier answer? Only the S550 is shown on the cut sheet to have that.

    Answer: The Toto Washlet 500e has a light that turns on when you get close to it and sprays water into the bowl.The light will remain on for roughly 15 seconds. Once you conclude your business, the light will turn back on and spray the mist for roughly 15 seconds more. There is no continuous nightlight feature.

    Can the sw3046#01 fit an American Standard Champion 4 Max Elongated Toilet?

    Answer: Many toilets will work with TOTO washlets, and you do not require a TOTO-specific toilet. There are a few exceptions, however. You must ensure that your toilet is dimensionally compatible with the washlet. Please refer to the fit chart in the pictures section if you are unsure. Description:
    TOTO K300 vs S500E

    About this item – TOTO SW3036R#01 WASHLET K300 Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat, Cotton White

    • Warm water immediately The comfort of instantaneous water heating lasts as long as you need it and is available right away.
    • The lack of a water heater results in a simple, streamlined design.Air Freshener   Using strong filters, the automated air deodorizer eliminates bathroom odors.
    • Embrace Your Uniqueness: With the handy remote, users can control and set up their own water cleaning settings.offers convenience, luxury, and cleanliness; two fast access settings for the user’s memory
    • Step up to a higher level of living with the SoftClose heated bidet seat, which always keeps the whole seat warm. With the use of strong air filters, an air deodorizer eliminates bathroom odors. An adjustable heated air dryer makes cleanup simple.
    • Clean innovations give people peace of mind. PREMIST helps keep waste from sticking to the toilet bowl by misting it with the water supply before each use.Before and after each use, the self-cleaning wand automatically cleans both inside and outside with water.
    • A REFRESHING CLEAN FOR EVERYONE: warm water that flows instantly and steadily for as long as you need;By pulsating and oscillating, the AIR-IN WONDER WAVE adds air to each droplet so that it cleans in a gentle but effective way.
    • Effectively purifies the air near the toilet to make using it more enjoyable.Heating air dryer Enjoy using the temperature-adjustable warm-air dryer to dry with convenience and comfort.
    • EXPERIENCE TOTO electric bidet toilet seats are reliable and dependable with a high-quality design for long-lasting benefits, according to 50 million Washlet consumers; EVERYDAY EXCELLENCE: straightforward DIY installation; superior assistance for customer service

    • The PREMIST feature lowers cleaning frequency and improves the environment’s hygienic conditions.

    • Cleaning using PREMIST Before each usage, the toilet bowl is misted to prevent feces from sticking to it.

    About this item – TOTO SW3046#01 S500E Electronic Bidet Toilet Cleansing, Instantaneous Water, EWATER Deodorizer, Warm Air Dryer, and Heated Seat, Elongated Contemporary, Cotton White

    • If you’re looking for a high-tech luxury toilet seat that will leave you feeling spotless, look no further than the TOTO WASHLET S500e Elongated Electric Bidet Toilet Seat with EWATER+ and Modern Lid.
    • The Washlet is a convenient bidet that uses warm water instead of toilet paper to rapidly and gently clean the user.
    • Embrace your individuality by controlling your water purification with the included remote. Putting comfort and hygiene within easy reach, two user-selectable memory profiles provide for speedy access.
    • To use a washroom is to transform a routine trip to the restroom into a relaxing spa treatment.
      Innovations without impairing the environment provide relief.
    • Misting the toilet bowl before each use with PREMIST aids in preventing feces from clinging; before and after each use, EWATER+ disinfects the wand and aids in sanitizing the bowl.
    • Cleaning That Feels Great for Everyone The warm water stream is on demand and stays hot for as long as you need it. The AIR-IN WONDER WAVE infuses air into each droplet, making it delicate yet effective.
    • Functions that oscillate and pulse ENJOY EXCELLENCE IN YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE: Fifty Million WASHLET Users Agree TOTO Electric Bidet Toilet Seats Are Reliable, Trustworthy, and Beautifully Crafted for Lasting Benefits; Simple, do-it-yourself set up; Superior assistance for customers
    • ENTER A WORLD OF LUXURY: The SoftClose heated bidet seat evenly distributes heat throughout the whole seat surface.
    • Deodorizers use powerful air filters to eliminate bathroom odors, and a heat-controlled air blower makes cleanup a breeze.