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Wahl Detailer vs Andis T Outliner – Comparison And FAQS…

    Wahl Professional 5-Star Detailer with Adjustable T Blade for Extremely Close Trimming






    Andis 04710 Professional T-Outliner Beard & Hair Trimmer for Men with Carbon Steel T-Blade

    Wahl Detailer vs Andis T Outliner

    Wahl Detailer vs Andis T Outliner: Wahl Detailer and Andis T Outliner are both great options for men seeking a beard and hair trimmer. But which of the two is the best? We’ll compare the two items side by side in this Wahl Detailer vs. Andis T Outliner comparison review to see which is the superior choice.

    Wahl Detailer vs Andis T Outliner– Quick Comparison Summary

    • While the Andis T Outliner has an electromagnetic motor, the Wahl Detailer has a Wahl rotary motor.

    • While Andis T Outliner is made of alloy steel, Wahl Detailer is made of stainless steel.

    • While the Andis T Outliner has no guards, the Wahl Detailer has Accessories 3 guards (1/16″, 1/8″, and 1/4″).

    • Compared to the Wahl Detailer, the Andis T Outliner beard and hair trimmer for men is extremely popular on Amazon.

    • The dimensions of the Wahl Detailer are 10.04 x 7.87 x 3.54 inches, whereas the Andis T Outliner is 1.75 x 1.5 x 5.25 inches.

    • In comparison to the pricey Wahl Detailer, the Andis T Outliner is less expensive.

    • The weight of the Andis T Outliner is 0.7 pounds, compared to 0.5 pounds for the Wahl Detailer.

    Wahl Professional 5-Star Detailer with Adjustable T Blade for Extremely Close Trimming

    Andis 04710 Professional T-Outliner Beard & Hair Trimmer for Men with Carbon Steel T-Blade

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    Wahl Detailer

    Andis T Outliner






    Wahl rotary motor



    3 Guards (1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″) Included



    Alloy Steel

    Zero overlaps

    8-Foot Electric Cord

    Suitable for all ages.

    Recommended Uses For Product

    Trimming,Facial Hair,Professional



    10.04 x 7.87 x 3.54 inches

    1.75 x 1.5 x 5.25 inches


    0.5 pounds


    FAQS :

    Does it effectively shape and care for beards?

    The answer is yes, it cuts quite closely.

    do the accessories come with it?

    The answer is that it does have attachments. A 1/2, 1 and 1 1/2 are included.

    Can somebody tell me the width of the blade (in millimeters or inches)?

    The breadth of the "t-wide" blade is 1-11/16 inches. The guards that cover the blade have a width of precisely 1-3/4 inches.

    Please let me know if this specific works in Russia.

    This item features a regular US plug and is designed for usage in the 110–120 voltage range. In Russia, it won't be effective.

    Hello, I'm considering this for my neck because I have a lot of ingrown neck hairs. Can it be used every day as a shaver on the neck and face?

    Answer: When I use razors or electric shavers (I've tried 4 different sets ranging from $50 to $100 each), I also develop ingrown hairs on my face and neck. This outperforms them all. Ingrown hairs aren't a big problem because it doesn't trim flush with the skin's surface but shaves close enough to leave little to no stubble by 5 o'clock. It does become heated rapidly, as David stated. But it just takes around 5 to 10 minutes to shave my face, neck, back of neck, and shoulders evenly. Usually, it takes me 15-20 minutes of continuous use (I've used it to shave my entire head) before it becomes unpleasant. If you decide to do that, I advise clipping the hairs close first using another pair of clippers without a guard before finishing with these because they can pinch if my hair is longer than 3/4".

    What makes it different from the T-Outliner? If there is no difference, may I purchase one of them and one blade from the other to interchange between?

    As someone who uses these at home, I have tried both and vastly prefer the standard outliner over the "T" blade. For me, the "T" is a touch awkward when it comes to bends and turning into corners. Additionally, the "T" is more likely to be knocked and have teeth break.

    whether the trimmer includes a guide for different beard lengths

    In contrast to model 04775 black ones, model 04610 grey ones do not include attachment combs. Description: Wahl Detailer vs Andis T Outliner

    About this item – Wahl Professional 5-Star Detailer with Adjustable T Blade for Extremely Close Trimming and Clean and Crisp Lines for Professional Barbers and Stylists – Model 808, Silver, 1 Count (Pack of 1)

    • PRODUCT DETAILS: The 5 Star Detailer is only 5 inches long. A rotary motor, blade (#2215), an 8-foot professional-grade, chemical-resistant power line, and 120V/60Hz operation are all included in this tiny, 6.9-ounce device.
    • This detailer includes a fine clipper brush, a blade guard to secure your clipper blade, blade oil to prevent rust from forming, and a blade guard that can be used to remove stray hairs or other unwanted dust from your clipper to achieve a cleaner shave.
    • The Detailer is a little trimmer that is both stylish and practical. It is excellent for lining and artwork, is incredibly lightweight, and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand for maximum control.
    • Professional precision was specifically designed for extremely close trimming, clean and crisp lines, facial hair detailing and design, and a faster cutting speed; Wahl’s Professional 5 Star Detailer is only intended for professional use.
    • The 5 Star Detailer includes all the tools needed for professional barber use, including the trimmer and three extra-wide T-shaped trimming guides (1/16″ wide). A cleaning brush, clipper blade oil, red blade guard, and operating instructions are also included.

    About this item – Andis 04710 Professional T-Outliner Beard & Hair Trimmer for Men with Carbon Steel T-Blade, Bump Free Technology – Corded Electric Beard Trimmer – Grey

    • High-quality stainless steel blades offer smooth hair and beard trimming and complete body grooming. STRONG CARBON T-BLADES: These blades are durable and stay sharp longer than other blades, maintaining long-term sharpness without pulling the hair.
    • PROFESSIONAL Trimmers have zero-overlap blades for sharp edges, crisp, clean lines, and dry shaving. trims hair, beards, mustaches, and sideburns. technology that can be used by people of all ages.
    • Information about the product: This professional beard and hair trimmer has dimensions of 1.75 by 1.5 by 5.25 and weighs 11.2 ounces.
    • This T-Blade is made of alloy steel, has a heavy-duty 8-foot cord with a hanger loop for longevity, and is appropriate for use at home and on outdoor excursions by the entire family.
    • POWERFUL: With an 8-foot electric cord for powerful cutting and a high-torque rotary motor with premium machine drive components, it is possible to shave at home with a professional-level level of quality, with the least amount of noise and the longest possible availability.
    • Strong carbon-steel blades on this Andis Professional Beard and Hair Trimmer produce a clean, long-lasting cut. The 8-foot electric cord for heavy-duty cutting and maximum torque rotational power from the powerful magnetic motor provides improved cutting performance that is suitable for the entire family’s home use as well as outdoor travel. No more dragging and pulling is required.
    • Technology without Bumps: Dry trimming, overlap-free shaving, super-close shaving, and clean shaving are all made possible by the diamond-finished T blades feature without causing irritation or razor bumps.