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WD Black P10 vs D10 – Comparison And Review – Latest

    WD Black P10 vs D10

    WD Black P10 vs D10 are two of the powerful and amazing Features External Hard Drive HDD , But the question is which one is the best?

    Which is the best External Hard Drive HDD to buy in 2021? In this WD Black P10 vs D10 comparison Review, we want to find out Which One is Best.

    Quick Comparison Summary:

    WD BLACK P10 Has Varies Capacity Harddrive 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, AND LAST 5TB, And WB BLACK Capacity is 8tb and 12 tb.
    D10 8TB Compatible Devices Like windows 8.1 and above, xbox one, and Mac OS 10.11+, Playstation 4 Pro, But 12 TB Compatible only Gaming Console (XBOX ONE), and its Desktop External Hard Drive.
    p10 Game Drive HDD Comes With 2tb, 4tb, 5tb Compatible Devices is Game Drive for pc, xbox, and playstation (Check Once With to Purchase )
    P10 HARD DRIVE is cheaper Because less space, d10 is expensive because more space.
    Purpose to Built For Gamers Based on WD Black Quality and Reliability

    Different Between WD Black P10 vs D10 - Specification.


    WD Black P10

    WD Black D10

    IMAGES Lowest New Price:


    Amazon Reviews

    19966 Reviews

    1140 Reviews

    Digital Storage Capacity

    1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 5TB

    8TB, 12TB


     WD Gaming Drive Accelerated

     WD Gaming Drive Accelerated

    Specific Uses For Product



    Hardware Interface

    USB 3.0


    Item Dimensions

    4.65 x 3.46 x 0.82 inches

    7.68 x 4.92 x 1.73 inches

    Compatible Devices

    Gaming Console, Desktop, Mac, Windows

    Gaming Console

    Item Weight

    0.51 lbs

    2.16 lbs

    Hard Disk Description



    WD Black 5TB p10 Game Drive Portable External Gard Drive REVIEW

    wd black p10

    And yes, it really works much like a ordinary outside hard drive, simply extra reliable and has a faster read /write speed With hurries up to 140MB/s and to be had in capacities as much as 5TB of more storage, the WD_Black P10 Game Drive will push your console or PC to new stages of overall performance.

    (Based on examine velocity and inner testing. As used for switch rate, megabyte consistent with second (MB/s) = 1,000,000 bytes consistent with second. Performance will range relying for your hardware and software program additives and configurations.)

    High-overall performance HDD to optimize your console or PC gaming revel in and pressure your recreation. Purpose-constructed for game enthusiasts primarily based totally on WD_Black high-satisfactory and reliability so that you can play with out limits.

    The WD Black P10 Game Drive offers your console or PC the overall performance-improving gear it wishes to preserve your aggressive edge. It’s a top-tier outside HDD in to be had in capacities as much as 5TB, constructed especially for game enthusiasts trying to extend the capacity in their console or PC with the aid of using saving their recreation library in an on-the-move shape factor.

    Now, with WD Black P10 Game Drive, you may pressure your recreation the manner you choose.
    This paintings with Wii U? It ought to paintings. The tool comes with BOTH , USB-C to USB-C or USB-C to USB-A cables Can i play my ps4 video games at once from this hdd or do i want to transport the sport to the console gadget garage first?

    You use this as your predominant pressure so the video games down load directly to right here and in case you need to transport it from the ps4 hard drive you may however you furthermore may have the selection to apply both or doesnt have an effect on the ps4 pressure

    Western Digital Black D10 Game Drive 8TB Review

    wd black d10

    Purpose-built for gamers primarily based totally on WD_BLACK great and reliability. 12TB* so you can keep and construct your Xbox gaming series as many as three hundred video games.*** | * As used for storage ability, one gigabyte (GB) = a thousand million bytes and one terabyte (TB) = a thousand billion bytes.

    Total on-hand potential varies relying on the running environment. | *** Number of video games primarily based totally on a 36GB common according to recreation. Video games will be primarily based on record size, formatting, different programs, and factors.

    7200RPM pressure with energetic cooling generation and hastens to 250 MB/s.** | ** Based on examine velocity and inner testing. As used for the switch rate, megabytes according to second (MB/s) = 1,000,000 bytes according to second. The performance will range relying on your hardware and software program additives and configurations.

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