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Wolfbox G840S vs G840H – Comparison And FAQS…

    WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera






    WOLFBOX 12” Mirror Dash Cam with WiFi

    Wolfbox G840S vs G840H

    Wolfbox G840S vs G840H: When it comes to car in-mirror mounted video players, it is a difficult decision to make because there are two options available: the Wolfbox G840S and the G840H. Both of these options are fantastic; however, which one is the superior one? The purpose of this comparison study between the Wolfbox G840S and the G840H is to assist you in getting a better understanding of which product is the superior option for you.

    Wolfbox G840S vs G840H – Quick Comparison Summary

    • The Wolfbox G840S Mirror Dash Cam is capable of recording in 4K, while the Wolfbox G840H Mirror Dash Cam can record in 1440P.
    • There is no WiFi included with the Wolfbox G840S Mirror dashcam camera. For those who demand WiFi, Internet access is included with the G840H (B08DRLY2R1), however.
    • The resolution of the Wolfbox G840H is 2.5k, whereas the resolution of the Wolfbox G840H is 4k; hence, the price of the H is slightly higher than the price of the S.
    • The WolfBox G840s and the WolfBox G840H both have some of the same amazing features, including a 1080P backup camera that comes with screws and 3M tape, an external GPS antenna, a free 32 GB card, USB Connectivity Technology, a touch screen, a type-C port, super night vision, 224 hours of parking monitoring, GPS Always ON technology, and a lot more.
    • The Wolfbox G840S has dimensions of 11.85 inches by 2.83 inches by 0.71 inches, whereas the dimensions of the Wolfbox G840H are 11.8 inches by 2.83 inches by 0.71 inches.
    • In comparison, the field of view of the Wolfbox G840H is 12 inches, while the field of view of the Wolfbox G840S is 170 degrees.
    • The Wolfbox G840S is more affordable, while the Wolfbox G840H is more costly.
    • The Wolfbox G840S comes with a car charger that is 11 feet long, while the Wolfbox G840H comes with a car charger that is 11.5 feet long.
    • However, the weight of the Wolfbox G840H is 2.2 pounds, whereas the weight of the Wolfbox G840S is 1.9 pounds.
    • When compared to the Wolfbox G840H, the Wolfbox G840S is significantly more popular on Amazon.

    WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera

    WOLFBOX 12” Mirror Dash Cam with WiFi

    Wolfbox G840S

    Wolfbox G840H










    Screen Size



    Capacity of the Free Card



    Recommended Card

    32G-256G,Class 10

    32G-256G,Class 10

    Mirror Dash Cam



    1080P Backup Camera with screws and 3M Tape

    External Gps Antenna

    USB Connectivity Technology

    Touch Screen


    Super Night Vision

    24 Hours Parking Monitoring

    GPS Always ON

     WDR Tech

    Car Charger

    11 Feet


    Field of Views

    170 Degrees

    12 inches


    1.9 Pounds

    2.2 Pounds


    11.85 x 2.83 x 0.71 inches

    11.8 x 2.83 x 0.71 inches

    FAQS :

    Is WiFi supported by the Wolfbox Mirror Dash Cam?

    The Dashcam G840S Mirror does not have WiFi built in. I suggest the G840H (B08DRLY2R1) as an alternative solution if WiFi is a requirement.

    Does the back camera have waterproof capabilities, and is it wirelessly installed?

    Answer: Although it is not remotely installable, this back camera is waterproof.

    Is it possible to link my own back camera to this mirror dash cam?

    Since our products come with rear cameras, you cannot install this dash cam with your own rear camera since it is not compatible with other cameras. If there is damage, you can purchase our rear camera accessories.

    How can I view or mirror the image from the rear camera?

    To place the rear camera in a more convenient location, such as on top of a pickup or SUV, please modify the rear image's vertical or horizontal orientation by adjusting the "Upside Down of Rear Camera" and "Mirror Flip of Rear Image" settings.

    Does the mirror dashcam simply capture footage from the front camera?

    The G840S records both front and rear video. To access the playback interface, click the [playback symbol]. Next To switch between the front and rear cameras' video interfaces, click the [car-shaped icon].

    Will your car record in parking mode if it gets bumped from behind?

    It does indeed record video of rear collisions. Collision boot recording and lapse recording are available in parking mode. The gadget records both the front and rear images simultaneously, regardless of the mode selected. In collision boot recording, the device will begin recording as soon as it detects a collision and stop recording after 30 seconds. When parking, it will keep recording for the next twelve or twenty-four hours.

    How is the firmware updated?

    First, take the TF card out of the dash cam. Second, insert the card reader into a computer after inserting the TF card into it. Thirdly, when the camera is in the off-state, drag the firmware onto the TF card and put it back in. Finally, the camera will update automatically whenever you restart it. Please verify the version of your dash cam in the settings menu before upgrading.

    Why, unlike the previous generation, was the LCDWS not an option on this unit?

    In order to provide a pure-stream media rearview mirror, we have eliminated some of the outdated version's superfluous features. Moreover, the G840H needs additional space and processing power due to its use of the best chip in the business and its rear 2.5k resolution. LDWS might not function effectively in this case.

    I therefore want the mirror to constantly be on and to show the back view. It won't shut the mirror once I turn off the car if I select Always On.

    In response to your question, if you use a car charger, the device will shut off when the vehicle is turned off. If you choose not to turn it off, you must power it with the hardware kit and switch to parking monitoring mode after turning off the vehicle.

    Is it possible to view the location, time stamp, and MPH using playback software?

    No specialized software is offered. I watch the videos with the VLC media player on my laptop, which is connected to the SR card. Not specified by MPH, location, or speed.

    Does it work with the 2010 Honda Accord? Can I install it myself, or does a professional need to do it?

    In response to your question, yes, it is compatible. You can view the installation video, and if you're still not sure you can handle it, find an installer at the auto repair shop.

    Is there an internal battery for the parking monitor camera if it doesn't have a hardwire kit? 2) Do the front and rear record simultaneously?

    To address your problem, 1. The parking monitor must be powered by attaching the hardware kit to the vehicle's fuse box because it lacks an integrated power source. 2. The front and rear cameras are capable of simultaneous operation.

    How to change a battery

    I looked, but I was unable to get a replacement battery that matched. The mirror's front and rear sections click together, making it possible to peel them apart with a spudger at the seam. The internal circuit board is directly connected to the battery. If a replacement battery could be found, it could be soldered on. Description: Wolfbox G840S vs G840H

    About this item – WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera, 2160P Full HD Smart Rearview Mirror for Cars & Trucks, Front and Rear View Dual Cameras, Night Vision, Parking Assistance, Free 32GB Card & GPS

    • The resolution of the front camera has been upgraded to 2160p from 1296p as of December 1, 2022. This G840S rear view mirror camera is now capable of recording 4K front images as well as 1080p back images. The resolution of the front camera has been upgraded to 2160p. The complete back display is 1.5 times larger than a standard rearview mirror, which results in a significant reduction in the number of blind spots that are visible via the rearview mirror.
    • I.G. Sensor The WOLFBOX mirror dash cam will begin recording automatically in the event that there is a collision.
    • SCREEN THAT IS 12 INCHES LARGER AND HAS A BROAD VIEW In comparison to the majority of rearview mirror cameras, the WOLFBOX 170° front and 140° rear lens offers ultra-wide vision, reducing the number of blind spots that are present for safe driving and reversing. Through the use of the smart screen split function, it is possible to view a dual-lens display at the same time. When a 2.5D curved screen is used, the body of the screen is smoother and more ideal for the curvature of the human retina. Because of its OEM appearance, the mirror camera is able to blend flawlessly with the mirror that is already in place.
    • GPS TRACKING AT ALL TIMES: After plugging in the external GPS antenna, you will be able to watch the GPS information displayed on the display while you are behind the wheel. Not only is it possible to review the double-channel movies on a single screen when you play back recorded videos on GPS Player, but you can also properly trace back all of the GPS data while doing so.
    • Keep live events going. You will be able to record all of your movies with the assistance of the rearview mirror camera, which also guarantees the validity of your recordings.
    • GPRS: The dash cam mirror is able to record the speed, direction, and course of the vehicle when the GPS is put in.
    • NEW MODIFICATION, USB C POWER SUPPLY – The G840S Mirror Camera has been totally upgraded from a Mini-USB socket to a USB C socket, which can mainly eliminate restarting, high-temperature deformation, and other similar issues. This change was made in order to make the usage process more stable. If you require a hardwire kit, it is recommended that you purchase a single USB C hardwire kit. Identifier: B09X1L1GMX).
    • Recording in a Loop In order to guarantee that you do not overlook any significant recordings, the camera that is mounted on the rear view mirror will automatically overwrite the oldest data.
    • The Wolfbox mirror camera is equipped with a high-quality chip that is integrated into it, and it is capable of recording 4K front and 1080P back movies. It also has enhanced night vision capabilities. To lessen the amount of reflection that occurred throughout the day, the mirror dash camera was equipped with an improved low-reflectivity LCD.
    • As a result of the incorporation of WDR and HDR technology, which helps to balance the lights, as well as the assistance of a Starvis sensor and a 6-glass lens, which assist in capturing photographs of higher quality, driving at night or in any other hard lighting scenario should be easier.
    • 24 HOUR PRECISE PARKING MONITOR: In addition to loop recording for the purpose of ensuring safe driving, your vehicle will continue to be in good condition even after it has been parked. When you use the time-lapse mode, you can monitor at very low frames per second, which helps you save power and capacity while still recording everything completely.
    • Even more Streaming media rearview and upside-down rearview are two of the smart functions that are available. For example, there is a mirror flip of the rear image, a G-sensor, loop recording, an adjustable display view angle, and so on.

    About this item – WOLFBOX 12” Mirror Dash Cam with WiFi,2.5K Rear View Mirror Camera with 1080P Rear Camera,WiFi Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear,Dual Dash Camera for Cars with 32GB Card & GPS,Parking Monitoring

    • EnhancemIn comparison to a conventional lithium battery, the G840H mirror dash cam has a built-in, unique supercapacitor that is incorporated into both the front and rear of the camera. 
    • Faster charging for your convenience More than one hundred times the number of rechargeable and dischargeable cycles has been increased, making the product more durable. ③ Without risk of burning, even in the event of a short circuit. ④.able to withstand temperatures ranging from -4 degrees Celsius to 158 degrees Celsius; it is possible for its transmission speed to reach 500 megabits per second if it has been upgraded to a TYPE-C interface, which is several times faster than the old interface.
    • Getting to 24 Hours in a Day Everyone: Round Protection and Ultra High Definition Evidence: Continuous Recording, which includes covering the earliest videos that were unlocked and continuing to record The G-sensor is responsible for monitoring crashes, recording, and locking movies as evidence promptly.
    • Records of emergencies made manually include the function of “fatigue reminder.” ⑤ Parking monitoring that includes continuous time-lapse video recording capabilities GPS tracking allows for the recording of precise speed, position, and direction, as well as the replay of video using a specific GPS player, giving secure evidence, among other benefits.
    • With its 12-inch 2.5K front camera and WDR back camera, the G840H mirror dash cam from WOLFBOX provides a video experience that is exceptionally clear and fluid. This enables you to readily view crucial information, such as road signs and vehicle number plates. The camera also features a wide dynamic range (WDR) feature. When developing this cutting-edge technology, both high-quality performance and cost-effectiveness were taken into consideration.
    • +Safe Wide-Angle 320 Degrees The Assistance of Parking: This automobile mirror camera has a wide-angle shooting capability of 170 degrees and 150 degrees, which allows it to cover multiple lanes and reduce blind spots.
    • Additionally, by adjusting the vertical/mirror rotation rear camera angle, the problem of the standard video picture and the actual image can be resolved. When it comes to the opposite issue, the reverse mode has been enhanced to include two modes that may be selected: panorama display and full-screen display. Facilitates safer parking by allowing for manual adjustment to provide a more appropriate viewing angle.
    • Warranty that is worry-free: Our goal is to achieve complete and total pleasure from each and every one of our customers. The after-sales service provided by Wolfbox is available around the clock and for a period of twelve months. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or make any suggestions.
    • 12-inch IPS and Intelligent Touch Screen: The G840H Rear View Mirror Camera is a streaming media smart dash cam mirror that has been improved to the greatest degree of integrated screen resolution in the industry, 1920x480P. Superior ability to transfer light, anti-glare processing, and a 2.5-dimensional curved glass panel that Even in the bright sunlight or the glare of the night, the shooting scene can be confirmed with absolute certainty; the most popular body size, which is 12 inches, is employed with smooth body lines that perfectly cover the rearview mirror.
    • Raise the bar Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS: The twin-dash cam comes equipped with one built-in GPS, which allows it to record your driving route and speed with pinpoint accuracy. Through the use of an application that is offered, you will be able to manage the route and speed information that will become your essential evidence on your iOS and Android devices. 
    • With built-in Wi-Fi, you are able to download your recorded movies immediately to your smartphone, allowing you to share them on social media and share them instantly.
    • Free Card for 32 GB: There is no need to purchase any additional attachments in order to use the dash cam because it may be used directly. You will receive a 32GB card at no cost to you.
    • Customers who use other rearview mirrors have the expectation that the rear camera will have improved clarity and night vision. However, the rear camera has a unique WDR+F1.5 large aperture. A 2.5K ultra-high-definition rear camera that is equipped with WDR technology has been created specifically by Wolfbox. It is able to better adjust to a variety of light situations and experience the stellar night vision effect of front and rear dual viewpoints as a result of its exceptional F1.5 large aperture. 
    • Obtain visual quality that is as clear as crystal, regardless of whether you are traveling through tunnels or during the day.