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Yaber V7 vs V10 – Best Portable Movie Projectors…

    YABER Pro V7 9500L 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector






    YABER V10 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector

    Yaber V7 vs V10

    Yaber V7 vs V10: It’s challenging to choose between the Yaber V7 and V10 when it comes to HD portable movie projectors. Though both are wise decisions, which is the best? This comparison of the Yaber V7 and V10 is meant to assist you in determining which product is the better option for you.

    Yaber V7 vs V10– Quick Comparison Summary

    • The weight of the Yaber V7 is 4.9 pounds, whereas the weight of the Yaber V10 is 4.84 pounds.
    • Screen size for the Yaber V7 ranges from 50 to 350, whereas for the Yaber V10 it’s 45 to 350.

    • Compared to the pricey Yaber V7, the Yaber V10 is less expensive.

    • Whereas Yaber V10 has a Bluetooth 5.1 chip, Yaber V7 has a Bluetooth 5.0 chip.
      Compared to the Yaber V10, the Yaber V7 is the most widely used HD portable movie projector on the market.

    • Both the Yaber V7 and V10 have amazing characteristics in common, like a lamp life of 120.000 hours, built-in speakers, a 50% zoom function, a brightness of 9500 lumens, a resolution of 1920 x 1080P, support for 4K resolution, and many more.

    • Yaber V7 is the oldest version, and Yaber V10 is the most recent and improved version.

    • Yaber V7 dimensions are 15.35 x 12.09 x 6.34 inches, while Yaber V10 dimensions are 10.23 x 9.05 x 4.6 inches. 

    YABER Pro V7 9500L 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector

    YABER V10 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector

    Yaber V7

    Yaber V10





    Bluetooth Chip

    5.0 Chip

    5.1 Chip


    Oldest Version

    Upgraded Version

    Screen Size



    Built-In Speakers

    Lamp Life

    120000 Hours

    120000 Hours

    Zoom Function




    9500 Lumen

    9500 Lumen


    1920 x 1080P

    1920 x 1080P

    Resolution Supported



    Item Weight

    4.9 Pounds

    4.84 Pounds




    Product Dimensions

    15.35 x 12.09 x 6.34 Inches

    10.23 x 9.05 x 4.6 Inches

    FAQS :

    What is the operating temperature range, and how well does it perform in high heat (about 105 degrees Fahrenheit with 50% humidity)?

    Answer: I believe that is towards the upper limit. If you live in an area where it is 105 degrees after dusk.

    Is it possible to install the projector on the ceiling?

    Answer: I contacted them, and they will not provide you with a free projector ceiling mount, but they did inform me what I needed to buy a mount with m4 screws.

    Is it possible to change the brightness? If so, does it have one-touch brightness adjustment like the Yaber Y31?

    Yes, you may change the brightness. You must enter the menu. There isn't a one-touch button for that, as far as I know. There is a button for auto axis adjustment.

    How do we update the firmware?

    Answer: While connected to wifi, in the settings.

    Is a screen required, or will the projector function on a white wall?

    Answer: I haven't yet purchased the screen, but the image is excellent when projected on the white wall.

    This listing avoids using the term „lumens“ to describe brightness. What exactly is 9500L?

    Answer: No one knows. My guess is that it is an arbitrary quantity like „gazillion billion lumens“. This is exactly what they should have written in the description, and it would have made the description more accurate. Actually, the projector is quite dim. Only works at night with the lights turned off.

    What is the fan's volume?

    Answer: really loud. I ignore it and turn up the volume. It irritates me at times.

    Is there a tripod mount?

    The projector has a portable carrying bag. The double oxidation-resistant metal brackets at the bottom raise the projector's height, and it may also be fixed on a suspended ceiling. Description: Yaber V7 vs V10

    About this item – YABER Pro V7 9500L 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector, Auto 6D Keystone Correction &4P/4D, Infinity Zoom, HD Portable Movie Projectors Home&Outdoor Video 4k Projector for iOS/Android etc. [Extra Bag Include]

    • A creative projection technology called „BASIC Smart Engine“ was created by YABER. The Pro V7 is the first projector in the home entertainment projector business with this technology, offering the best and most useful performance.
    • The optimum audio-visual experience may be obtained using this technology in five areas: clarity, vivid color, sound effects, immersive display, and brightness.
    • YABER offers a 6-month return policy, a 3-year warranty, and additional free carrying bags. They also offer lifetime professional technical assistance.
    • Please feel free to contact us at any moment if you have any issues. In addition, we’ll throw in a free, extra-elegant carrying bag so you can take it with you wherever you go.
    • YABER Pro V7 supports 5GHz/2.4GHz WiFi Dual-Band and Bluetooth 5.0. 5G WiFi offers greater wireless speeds, which helps smooth out image/video transmission.
    • Additionally, the Pro V7 has built-in Bluetooth 5.0 functionality with SRS sound system that is compatible with Stick TV, Laptop, Blu-ray DVD player, PS3/PS4/TVbox, Amazon Fire TV, Roku Streaming Stick, and Laptop. These devices can connect with Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, and Airpods.
    • Innovative Auto 6D Keystone Correction & 4P/4D Keystone: The YABER Pro V7 is the industry’s first projector to have 6D automated keystone technology.
    • This implies that if the projector moves or collides after turning on the power to set the rectangular standard image, V7 will automatically fix it and return to the standard image within one second.
    • Pro V7 still has the 4-point & 4D keystone correction function in addition to the Auto 6D keystone correction.
    • Life shines with the Pro V7’s „9500L & Brightness +25% than any other 1080P Projectors.“ Pro V7 is unquestionably superior in terms of brightness when compared to other 1080p projectors available on the market.
    • The brightness has improved by 25% to 9500 L, and with a brightness of 9500 L and a contrast ratio of 12000:1, it is currently the brightest projector with native 1080P resolution available. Who needs anything else when they have a Pro V7 at home?

    About this item – YABER V10 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector 9800L Full HD 1080P 400 ANSI Lumen Projector Carry Bag Included Support 4K, 4D/4P Keystone&Zoom, Home Theater&Outdoor Video Projector for iOS/Android/PC/PPT/PS5

    • [9800L Support 4K & Real 1080P & Space Style Design] The V10 home projector is the first projector on the market to use a lens with a high transmittance and refraction with a brightness of 9800 L and a contrast ratio of 12000: 1 Compared to other 1080P projectors, it offers a wider color range, sharper images, and greater detail.

    • Additionally, V10 uses the YABER 2.0 Smart Engine technology, and its superb user interface (UI) design makes the product’s operation more user-friendly. Take you to explore the mysteries of space with the first-ever adoption of a space style.

    • [Functions: 50% ZOOM & 4-Point Keystone Correction] The V10 video projector can reach a better level of precision correction with enhanced

    • [5.1 Bluetooth Bidirectional & 5G/2.4G WiFi] The YABER V10 1080P projector, an official feature sponsor of the New Orleans Film Festival, has a stereo surround speaker and the newest bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1 chip integrated in.

    • This allows you to wirelessly connect your Bluetooth speakers as well as use your phone as a speaker at any time. The V10 can easily mirror films, photographs, and games from smartphones or other devices to the large screen thanks to ultra fast and stable 5G WIF.

    • 4-Point Keystone correction Without being constrained by the projector’s position, each of the image’s four corners can be altered independently.

    • The projector does not need to be moved when using the digital zoom function to reduce the image size from 100% to 50%. Advanced Cooling System and USB Presentation The first LCD projector with strong anti-oxidation bimetallic mounts increased the projector’s height while simultaneously enhancing the ventilation space.

    • The projector’s 40% greater heat dissipation efficiency is made possible by the 3-sided ventilation design. You may quickly display Excel, Word, or PDF files on the projector using your USB stick. Bypass complex connections to improve the effectiveness of small conferences.

    • [Lamp Life: 120000 Hours & Lifetime Professional Support] Utilize the most recent SmartEco technology to reduce lamp power consumption and increase bulb lifespan to a maximum of 120000 hours. This portable projector is excellent for use at parties, outdoor activities, games, yoga, and watching movies at home.

    • YABER offers a 6-month money-back guarantee, a 3-year repair warranty, and lifetime expert technical assistance.