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Zojirushi NS-TSC10 vs NS-ZCC10 – Which is Top-Seller…

    Zojirushi NS-TSC10 Micom Rice Cooker






    Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Rice Cooker Premium White

    Zojirushi NS-TSC10 vs NS-ZCC10

    Zojirushi NS-TSC10 vs NS-ZCC10: When it comes to rice cookers, what are the key differences between the Zojirushi NS-TSC10 and the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10? The goal of this comparison evaluation of the Zojirushi NS-TSC10 and NS-ZCC10 rice cookers is to determine which is the best.

    Zojirushi NS-TSC10 vs NS-ZCC10– Quick Comparison Summary

    • In comparison to the pricey Zojirushi NS-ZCC10, the Zojirushi NS-TSC10 is less expensive.

    • Both the Zojirushi NS-TSC10 and NS-ZCC10 have amazing features in common, like an LCD display, a capacity of up to 5.5 or 10 cups, a 1-year warranty, a delay timer, corded electric operation, automatic keep warm, 
      Mixed Rice Menu Setting, Porridge Menu Setting, Sweet Rice Menu Setting, and many more.

    • As opposed to the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10, the Zojirushi NS-TSC10 rice cooker is extremely popular on Amazon.

    • Dimensions for the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 are 13 x 8.13 x 10.13 inches, compared to the NS-TSC10’s 14 x 10.1 x 8.5 inches.

    • The Zojirushi NS-TSC10 has a wattage of 610, whereas the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 has a wattage of 680.

    • While the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 weighs 9.2 pounds, the NS-TSC10 weighs 9.5 pounds.

    • The Zojirushi NS-TSC10 was released in 2012, whereas the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 was released in 2001.

    • The Zojirushi NS-TSC10 comes with a Removable Steam Vent Cap, Steam Menu Setting with Steaming Basket Accessory, and Cake Menu Setting, however the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 does not come with these options.

    Zojirushi NS-TSC10 Micom Rice Cooker 

    Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Rice Cooker  Premium White

    Zojirushi NS-TSC10

    Zojirushi NS-ZCC10





    Removable Steam Vent Cap

    Cake Menu Setting

    Steam Menu Setting with Steaming Basket Accessory

    Date First Available

     January 20, 2012

     October 2, 2001


    610 watts

    680 watts


      Up to 5.5 or 10 Cups

      Up to 5.5 or 10 Cups

    Power Cord



    LCD Display

    Mixed Rice Menu Setting

    Porridge Menu Setting

    Sweet Rice Menu Setting


     Stainless Brow/White



     Rice Cooker



    14 x 10.1 x 8.5 Inches

    13 x 8.13 x 10.13 Inches

    Item Weight

    9.5 Pounds

    9.2 Pounds

    Power Source

     Corded Electric

     Corded Electric

    FAQS :

    Is it possible to use this rice cooker as a slow cooker?

    No, this rice cooker cannot be used as a slow cooker (at least not that I can locate). Brown rice has the shortest cooking time of all the alternatives, taking only 85–110 minutes. Could you tell me how you use it as a slow cooker?

    How long can you keep the rice warm once the 12-hour "keep warm" period has expired?

    Answer: I can't speak for this specific model, but I grew up in Japan, where we made rice all the time in a rice cooker pretty similar to this (we got ours twenty years ago, so this has a few more bells and whistles, I'm sure), but I can talk in broad strokes. We could eat a huge pot of rice for two days or so (though it rarely lasted that long), and the rice was still good, if not fantastic. I've discovered that after 12 to 18 hours, it's still acceptable for topping with stir-fry or anything similar, but it's not really good enough to eat plain like it is when it's fresh. Update: I've subsequently purchased this model, and the 12-hour stay-warm feature is a little perplexing. The feature keeps the rice at a slightly lower temperature for twelve hours to maintain quality, then switches to the standard keep warm setting, which keeps the rice safe for longer. I put my rice in this cooker for three days, and it was still delicious. There was a little drop in quality.

    Is there a countdown on the digital clock display as the food nears completion? Thank you really much.

    Yeah, it is. The entire time, a countdown timer is displayed. To ensure optimum cooking, it changes the cooking duration as needed.

    Is there a difference between a Neuro Fuzzy rice cooker and a Mitcom Zojirushi rice cooker? Which is superior? Thanks.

    Answer: The NS-ZCC10/NS-ZCC18 is the only one branded "Neuro Fuzzy" that I've discovered, and it's built in Japan, whereas the comparable Micom Fuzzy Logic NS-TSC10/NS-TSC18 is made in China. On the ZCC, there are cool-touch handles to draw out the pot, and the steam vent is easier to clean. I read in another answer for the NS-ZCC10 5.5-cup model that the Neuro Fuzzy models include two extra sensors to check room and lid temperatures, whereas the cheaper TSC units only have one sensor on the pot's center post. I haven't been able to independently confirm the existence or absence of additional sensors.

    Have you tried preparing it with barley, quinoa, polenta, or buckwheat?If so, what settings did you employ? Thanks!

    Answer: I prepare brown rice with 25% wild rice on the "Brown Rice" preset. The mixture cooks effectively without presoaking with 150% water, but it takes 110 minutes. When I'm pressed for time, I use a pressure cooker; it takes approximately 30 minutes. I used to eat barley at every meal as a child, but I don't know how to cook it today. I'll inquire around. Buckwheat noodles were always a favorite of ours. I recently purchased a bag of quinoa.

    Is the rice cooker manufactured in Japan?

    The answer is yes. On the front of the rice cooker, it states "manufactured in Japan." This is why I chose this model over the others. So far, it's a fantastic rice cooker. The best I've ever owned I prefer the 10-cup size over the 5-cup size since you can cook extra and store it in the fridge for fried rice. Purchase this cooker. Description: Zojirushi NS-TSC10 vs NS-ZCC10

    About this item – Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer, 1.0-Liter

    • Rice Setting White For a delectable main or side meal, cook flawlessly fluffy white rice. You can even season the rice with sushi seasoning for simple sushi at home.
    • Setting the Brown Rice Menu Every time, wonderful, flavorful brown rice is made thanks to the special flow of the brown rice menu setting.Healthy cooking of vegetables, seafood, and other foods is possible with the help of the steam menu setting and the supplied steaming basket.
    • Cake menu arrangement Use the Cake menu option to bake a cake directly in the rice cooker. The user manual includes sponge cake and cheese cake recipes.
    • Automatic warming up, prolonged warming up, and reheating cycleTwo delay time settings, a clear-coated stainless steel exterior that is simple to maintain melody and buzzer signal switchable
    • Retractable power cord built inFuzzy logic microcomputer technologiesExtended Automatic Stay Warm Reheat and Stay Warm features a clear-coated stainless steel exterior that is simple to clean.
    • Wait timer (2 settings)Simple to read LCD display panel with timer and clock featuresmelody and buzzer signal switchableWhite/Sushi, Mixed, Porridge, Sweet, Brown, Cake, Steam, and Fast Cooking are among the available menu options.
    • Easy cleaning is made possible by the removable inner lid.Cooking pans with a nonstick coating won’t stick and are easier to clean.A vacuum basket can be used to simultaneously steam meals and cook rice, with a maximum amount of 1 cup for a 5-1/2 cup size or 2-4 cups for a 10-cup capacity.
    • Retractable power cord built-in Retracting the power cord makes it simple to move and store the rice cooker.
    • Rice Setting White For a delectable main or side meal, cook flawlessly fluffy white rice. You can even season the rice with sushi seasoning for simple sushi at home.
    • technology using fuzzy logic on a microcomputer. Capacity Measurements (W x D x H): 10-1/8 x 14 x 8-1/2 inches, holding up to 5.5 cups or 1 liter. The power output is 610 watts at 120 volts.

    About this item – Zojirushi, Made in Japan Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker, 5.5-Cup, Premium White

    • Automated rice warmer and cooker with a capacity of 5 1/2 cups that uses cutting-edge neurofuzzy logic. mounted on a wall automated keep-warm, extended keep-warm, and reheat cycles; multiple menu options Electricity rating: 680 watts at 120 volts Retractable cable, an LCD clock, and a spherical, nonstick inner pan enable even heating.
    • White (regular or sushi, softer or harder), mixed, porridge, sweet, semi-brown, brown, rinse-free, and quick cooking are among the available menu options.
    • 14 by 8 by 9 inches in size; one-year limited guarantee; Dimensions: 10-1/8 x 13 x 8-1/8 inches (W x D x H).In addition to the recipes, a nonstick rice spoon, two measuring cups, and a rice spoon holder are also included.
    • PLEASE MAKE SURE TO MEASURE RICE ONLY IN THE PRODUCT’S INCLUDED CUP.2018 saw the 100th anniversary of Zojirushi Corporation and a century of products created to enhance consumers’ quality of life by giving convenience, comfort, vitality, and wealth to people all over the world. In 1918, Zojirushi was founded as a manufacturer of hand-blown vacuum bottles.
    • A vast range of stainless steel vacuum bottles, rice cookers, bread makers, Air Pot beverage dispensers, thermal serving carafes, specialty cookware, tiny electrics, restaurant equipment, and other products were added to the Zojirushi portfolio.
    • Zojirushi aspires to continue being true to the values that defined the business’s first 100 years and the reputation for quality and durability that it won. The company also looks forward to a future of creative design and ongoing
    • Innovation.miniature computers, cutting-edge Neural Fuzzy Logic White (regular or sushi, softer or harder), mixed, porridge, sweet, semi-brown, brown, rinse-free, and quick cooking are among the available menu options.
    • Programmable audio indicator with a tone or buzzer Extra-large color LCD display that is simple to readautomatic warming up, prolonged warming up, and reheating cycleRice will be precisely cooked thanks to a uniform heating system and a spherical inner cooking pan.
    • Programmable wait timer (2 settings)For simple transit and carrying, fold the handle.retractable power cord built-inIncluded are a spatula, a spatula holder, and two measuring cups (regular and rinse-free).advertised on cETL