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Aircat 1150 vs Nitrocat 1250k: Which One is Faster? Best?

    AIRCAT 1150 1/2-Inch Drive “Killer Torque” Composite






    AIRCAT 1250-K 1/2-Inch Nitrocat Kevlar and Composite

    Aircat 1150 vs Nitrocat 1250k

    Aircat 1150 vs Nitrocat 1250k: Comparison And Differences, Similarities

    Impact wrenches are essential tools for any mechanic, and the Aircat 1150 and Nitrocat 1250k are two of the best on the market. They are both highly durable and reliable tools that can handle a variety of tasks. However, there are some key differences between these two wrenches that may make one better suited for your needs than the other.


    The Aircat 1150 has huge popularity on the market, compared to the Aircat Nitrocat 1250k. This is likely due to its impressive performance and wide range of features.


    Aircat 1150 is the best option because it is cheaper and has many of the same features as the more expensive Aircat Nitrocat 1250k.

    Power and Performance

    Aircat 1150 vs Aircat Nitrocat 1250k

    -The Aircat 1150 has a maximum torque of 900ft-lbs while the Aircat Nitrocat 1250k has a maximum torque of 950 ft-lbs.

    -The Aircat Nitrocat 1250k has a loosening torque of 1300 ft-lbs while the Aircat 1150 has a loosening torque of only 1295 ft-lbs.

    Blows Per Minutes

    If you’re looking for a powerful impact wrench, the Aircat 1150 is the strongest hard-hitting twin hammer 1/2 impact wrench with 1400 blows per minute. The Nitrocat 1250k tool, while not as powerful, still has 1000 blows per minute.

    Noise Level

    The Aircat Nitrocat 1250k has a noise level of 86 dBA which is lower than the Aircat 1150s 89 dBA. This makes it a better choice for people who are looking for a low decibel level air compressor.


    The RPM of the Aircat 1150 is 9000 while the Aircat Nitrocat 1250k has an RPM of 8500. This means that the Aircat Nitrocat 1250k is 500 RPM slower than the Aircat 1150. If you’re looking for a faster tool, the Aircat 1150 is the better choice.


    The Aircat 1150 and Nitrocat 1250k have a lot of similarities, such as their weight (4.5 pounds), warranty (2 years with proof of purchase), finish (powder coated), and power source (air powered).


    The dimensions of the Aircat 1150 are 7.5×2.8×7 inches while the dimensions of the Aircat Nitrocat 1250k are 8.25x3x8 inches. The Aircat Nitrocat 1250k is slightly larger than the Aircat 1150. Both air impact wrenches are designed to be lightweight and easy to use.

    The Aircat 1150 is a great choice for those who are looking for an air impact wrench that is lightweight and easy to use.

    AIRCAT 1150 1/2-Inch Drive “Killer Torque” Composite

    AIRCAT 1250-K 1/2-Inch Nitrocat Kevlar and Composite

    Aircat 1150

    Aircat Nitrocat 1250k





    Power and Performance

    900 ft-lbs of maximum torque; 1,295 ft-lbs loosening torque

    950 ft-lbs of maximum torque; 1,300 ft-lbs loosening torque

    Noise Level

    89 dBA

    86 dBA


    Composite and Metal

    Composite and Metal

    Free Speed (RPM)

    9000 RPM


    Item Weight

    4.5 Pounds

    4.84 pounds

    Finish Type

    Powder Coated

    Powder Coated

    Power Source

    Air Powered

    Air Powered

    Blows Per Minute

    1,400 Blows Per Minute

    1,000 blows per minute


    2 Year Warranty

    2 Year Warranty

    Product Dimensions

    7.5 x 2.8 x 7 inches

    8.25 x 3 x 8 inches

    FAQS :

    Could someone maybe explain how to grease the device?

    My whole collection of air tools just receives a few drops of air tool oil into the air intake each day before usage. Use of an automated oiler on the supply air line is an option. As the oil will contaminate the hoses if they are also used for spray painting, etc., the automated oiler is only used on air lines that are utilized for air tools.

    Would the Makita Mac5200, which generates 6.5 cfm at 90 pressure, be sufficient to drive this impact wrench when I need to remove an axle nut from my Camry?

    Both of the given responses are accurate. Although the strength of this impact wrench is considerable, sustained force does require some volume. You might be able to fix the axle nut if it is a "one-time" problem. I use this impact in conjunction with a 5.0 HP, 26 gal tank, however I wish I had more capacity to reduce the duty cycle when the load is heavy.

    Are these even durable?

    I work at a GM dealership and use this pistol frequently; despite having owned them all, this one has the finest impact I've ever experienced. Since they are by nature a highly aggressive instrument, no impact lasts indefinitely. I appreciate that the front of the tool includes a grease fitting for the impact hammers.

    What distinguishes the 1150 aircat from the 1250 nitrocat?

    Well, as far as I can determine, the 1250 has 5 ft. lbs. greater torque. I agree, huge whoop. The only other distinction I can make out is that the handle of the 1250 has a small "curl-up" on the bottom. If I had a larger hand than I have, I imagine this would be really painful.

    The shop air pressure where I work is set at 80 psi. Will this wrench still function properly with this reduced pressure?

    If you have adequate flow, it will function better than most at that pressure. Make sure you actually get 80 at the gun, though, since if the regulator is set to 80 and you start using the gun, you could only get 70 or so psi there depending on how much line and how big of a line you have between it and the tank.

    How effectively are you able to fine-tune smaller bolts with the trigger feathered?

    The trigger does not lag at all. It is rather delicate. Aircat 1150 vs Nitrocat 1250k Your ability to manage the speed of this air impact wrench will rely on how smoothly you can pull the trigger. Of course, you set it to the lowest speed range or reduce the PSI or CFM on the compressor (the forward torque requires 8 CFM@90 psi operating pressure or 110 or more psi). Description: Aircat 1150 vs Nitrocat 1250k

    About this item – AIRCAT 1150 1/2-Inch Drive “Killer Torque” Composite Impact Wrench 1295 ft-lbs

    • Ergonomically designed handle for maximum user comfort; powder coated metal.
    • The maximum torque is 900 ft-lbs, and the loosening torque is 1,295 ft-lbs.
    • The strongest, hardest-hitting twin hammer impact wrench on the market, this tool has 1,295 foot-pounds of loosening torque and 1,400 blows per minute.
    • This tool has a very low decibel level of 89 dBa thanks to AIRCAT’s revolutionary tuned exhaust system, which also maintains full power.
    • With a rotor and cylinder that are each 15% bigger in the AIRCAT “Killer Torque” 1150, this twin hammer has more power than any 1/2-inch in its class.
    • The AIRCAT Line The biggest improvements in pneumatic power tool performance come in Modernize your toolbox at once.
    • Introducing the 1/2-inch Composite Impact Wrench, model number AIRCAT 1150.
      Tuned exhaust system with a patent: Keep it quiet at a low decibel level of 89 dBa without sacrificing power. Bosch 4100 vs DeWalt 7491
    • 1,400 blows per minuteThe toughest dual hammer 1/2 impact wrench available.
      It boasts an all-black composite body that is lightweight and has a proprietary ergonomic AIRCAT handle.

    About this item – AIRCAT 1250-K 1/2-Inch Nitrocat Kevlar and Composite Twin Clutch Impact Wrench 1300 ft-lbs

    • The AIRCAT range provides the biggest improvements in pneumatic power tool performance in over 30 years.
    • The tough twin-clutch mechanism used in the 1250-K was designed for maximum torque performance. Power tools of the highest caliber are produced by AIRCAT and are ideal for any skilled handyman or builder.
    • This power tool has a maximum torque of 950 foot pounds and a loosening torque of 1,300 foot pounds. The Nitrocat 1250-K from Aircat is a brave, powerful, 1/2-inch impact wrench that excels in its class!
    • A new line of 3/4″ drive impact wrenches called VIBROTHERM DRIVE offers longer working life, less vibration, reduced length, and a “state of the art” aesthetic style. Aircat 1150 vs Nitrocat 1250k
    • In the majority of its products, AIRCAT uses finely tuned exhaust muffler technology, which permits discharged air to pass without creating back pressure, preserving greater power while greatly decreasing noise.
    • More force 50% of the noise AIRCAT, NITROCAT, and VIBROTHERM DRIVE brands will continue to grow and be developed as part of AIRCAT’s commitment to product innovation, high quality standards, high service standards, and these commitments.