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Bluetti AC200 MAX vs AC200P – Comparison And Review

    BLUETTI Solar Generator AC200MAX with 3 PV200 Solar Panels Included






    BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station with Solar Panel Included

    Bluetti AC200 MAX vs AC200P

    Bluetti AC200 MAX vs AC200P: In terms of outdoor generators, what distinguishes the Bluetti AC200 MAX and Bluetti AC200P? The goal of the Bluetti AC200 MAX vs. Bluetti AC200P comparison review is to determine which outdoor generator is superior.

    Bluetti AC200 MAX vs AC200P– Quick Comparison Summary

    • Both the Bluetti AC200 MAX and the Bluetti AC200P have some of the same fantastic features, such as a 28-hour Mini Fridge 60W charge, a 40-hour CPAP 40W charge, 170 Phone 10Wh Charges, a Projector 100W 17-hour charge, a two-year warranty, and much more.
    • The wattage of the Bluetti AC200 MAX is 2200 watts, and the wattage of the Bluetti AC200P is 2000 watts.
    • Compared to Bluetti AC200 MAX, Bluetti AC200P is a much more popular outdoor generator on Amazon.
    • Bluetti AC200P dimensions are 16.5„L x 11“W x 15.2„H, whereas Bluetti AC200 MAX dimensions are 5.91 x 5.91 x 3.94 inches.

    • While the Bluetti AC200P weighs 60.6 pounds, the Bluetti AC200 MAX weighs 62 pounds.

    • The capacity of the Bluetti AC200 MAX battery is 2048Wh, whereas the capacity of the Bluetti AC200P battery is 2000Wh.

    • Bluetti AC200MAX is more expensive than Bluetti AC200P.

    BLUETTI Solar Generator AC200MAX with 3 PV200 Solar Panels Included

    BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station with Solar Panel Included

    Bluetti AC200 MAX

    Bluetti AC200P





    Battery Capacity




    2200 watts

    2000 watts

    Power Source

     Solar Powered

    AC/Solar Panel/Car /Lead-acid Battery/Generator


    2 Years

    2 Years

    Laptop (60Wh)

    28 Charges


    A/C (8000BTU)

    3-7 Hrs

    3-7 Hrs

    Coffee Maker (2000W)

    68 Cups

    68 Cups

    Hair Dryer (1500W)

    1.2 Hrs

    1.2 Hrs

    Desktop PC (200W)

    8.5 Hrs

    8.5 Hrs

    TV (80W)

    20 Hrs

    20 Hrs

    Phone (10Wh)

    170 Charges

    170 Charges

    CPAP (40W)

    40 Hrs 

    40 Hrs 

    Mini Fridge (60W)

    28 Hrs 

    28 Hrs 


    120 Volts

    120 Volts

    Projector (100W)

    17 Hrs

    17 Hrs

    Date First Available

    February 22, 2022

    March 1, 2021


    Blue, Black

    Black, Grey


    5.91 x 5.91 x 3.94 inches

    ‎16.5″L x 11″W x 15.2″H

    Item Weight

    62 Pounds

    60.6 Pounds

    FAQS :

    What devices can the AC200MAX power or charge?

    A: The majority of your appliances under 2200W can be powered by this solar generator's 2200W(4800W surge) AC inverter.

    How long will my gadget be powered by AC200MAX?

    A: Working time (estimated) is equal to 2048Wh*0.85 % your device's operating power. (Conversion Rate = 0.85 ) Please be aware that the real working time may change depending on the situation.

    Why can't my PV200 produce 200W of output power, then?

    A: Several variables, including the environment, temperature, the amount of sunlight, and the panel's tilt, will have an impact on the actual output power. The output under ideal circumstances is 200W of power. So please use it in brighter sunshine, adjust the angle, and stay out of the shadow to get a larger output wattage.

    Can I use two AC adapters or simultaneously charge the AC200MAX with solar panels and a wall outlet?

    A second BLUETTI AC adapter is needed for the dual AC charging, though.

    Q1: How do I choose a solar panel and how long does it take to recharge?

    A: We recommend that you select a solar panel that fits the following criteria: 1) open circuit voltage (OCV) between 35 and 150 volts (depending on whether the panel is connected in series or parallel), max.700W, max.12A 2) MC4 Adapter (if your solar panel has an anderson connector, you need to buy a anderson to mc4 charging cable) It should be noted that total OCV values less than 35V or greater than 150V will activate low-voltage/over-voltage protection. If the total input power/current exceeds 700W/12A, the AC200P will only receive 700W/12A (Max.). The recharge time varies depending on parameters such as weather, real input solar power, temperature, angle, and so on.

    What happens when the dog hair is long?

    A: We recommend connecting at least three SP200 200W solar panels in series, and no more than five. Professional solar users can connect SP200 4S2P (total 8pcs) to attain a maximum output of 700W. (A parallel cable must be purchased separately.) Tips: A single BLUETTI SP120 or SP200 will not charge the AC200P; we recommend using at least three BLUETTI SP120 (120W solar panel) or BLUETTI SP200 (200W solar panel) in succession to charge the AC200P!!!!!

    Q3: How are we going to ship this bundle?

    A: Due to the size of the AC200P Power Station and SP200 Solar Panels, we will ship them separately!!!!!!!! Description: Bluetti AC200 MAX vs AC200P

    About this item – BLUETTI Solar Generator AC200MAX with 3 PV200 Solar Panels Included, 2048Wh Portable Power Station w/ 4 2200W AC Outlets, LiFePO4 Battery Pack Expandable to 8192Wh for Home Use, Road Trip, Emergency

    • [16 Ports to Meet Every Need] In addition to AC/USB/Car port/100W PD, the NEMA TT-30 and 12V/30A DC port are ideal for DIYers and RV residents, while wireless chargers provide the utmost in convenience.
    • BLUETTI AC200MAX portable power station, 3 PV200 solar panels, AC adapter, solar/car charging cable, XT90-aviation cable, user manuals, a 24-month warranty, and helpful local customer support are all included in the “What You Get” package.
    • [Effective, Flexible]: Even in low light or with shading on it, the durable 200-watt solar panel outperforms the market standard.
    • With its astounding 2048Wh LFP cells and 2200W inverter, the [Powerful Beast] – AC200MAX power station is a secure and dependable on-the-go or off-the-grid power source.
    • Dual charging is supported by the AC200MAX and uses up to 900 W of solar power and 500 W of AC input for “Super Fast Charging.” In less than 5 hours, you may feed it after charging it with 3 PV200 solar panels.

    About this item -BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station with Solar Panel Included 2000W Solar Generator Kit with 3pcs 200W Foldable Solar Panel, 6 120V AC Outlet Lithium Battery Backup for Home Use Outdoor Camping Van

    • Solar/AC/Car/Generator/Lead-Acid BLUETTI AC200P 2000Wh Power Station Battery Wide 35-150V/Max. 700W/12A solar input, MPPT, enables full AC200P recharge in 3-3.5 hours (Only if Max.700W solar input).
    • When using two 400-watt AC adapters, it may be fully recharged in around 3 hours (the second adapter and the DC7909 to XT90 cable must be purchased separately). In around 10 to 20 hours, a 24V/12V automobile can be fully recharged. In around 2.5 hours, AC and PV simultaneously recharge AC and PV.
    • Over 500,000 consumers worldwide today adore BLUETTI goods thanks to years of hard work, years of experience in the energy storage industry, and the accumulation of customers. And BLUETTI will continue to offer the globe more high-performance, clean energy, expert, stable, and dependable power storage devices.
    • High-quality monocrystalline silicon cells, which are 5% more efficient than conventional monocrystalline silicon, are used in its construction. Glass has ETFE lamination, which improves light transmission, makes it stronger, more scratch-resistant, and simpler to wipe with a damp cloth.
    • only 14.3 lbs., foldable design, and handle. convenient to transport when camping outside. The kickstands allow for simple angle adjustment for improved sun absorption.
    • 200W Bluetti Solar Panel We advise you to connect at least three 200-watt SP200 solar panels in series, and at most five, in accordance with the wide open circuit voltage range of 35 to 150 volts.The actual recharge time may vary depending on the weather, temperature, solar panel placement, angle, and location.
    • There is no need for additional accessories, such as an MPPT controller, because the AC200P power station has an integrated MPPT controller.
      Time for Solar Recharge
    • Our key priorities are stability and safety. The AC200P battery life is preserved with an integrated LiFePO4 battery cell with 3500+ extremely long life cycles at 80%.
    • You can connect a solar panel to a BLUETTI AC200P portable power station using the solar charging cable, which we offer (MC4 to XT90).
      With more than 10 years of experience in the energy sector, BLUETTI is dedicated to offering top-of-the-line integrated sustainable power solutions for all forms of off-grid living.
    • safer and more reliable LiFePO4 battery Portable Power Station with Integrated Solar Panel 3 pcs. 200W foldable solar panels (BLUETTI SP200, MC4 solar charge cable length 118 inches), 1 BLUETTI AC200P solar power station (2000Wh/2000W, surge 4800W), and all the accessories ( 1*AC Adapter Charger, 1*Solar Charging Cable (MC4 to XT90, about 67 inches), 1*Car Charging Cable (Car to XT90), 1*XT90 to Aviation Plug (input)