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Westone UM Pro 10 vs Shure SE215 – Specs Comparison

     Westone UM Pro10






    Shure SE215 PRO Wired Earbuds

    Westone UM Pro 10 vs Shure SE215

    Westone UM Pro 10 vs Shure SE215 : For those looking for high-quality wired earbuds, two options stand out: the Westone UM Pro 10 and the Shure SE215. Which is the better choice? When comparing the Shure SE215 and the Westone UM Pro 10, we’re trying to determine which is better.

    Westone UM Pro 10 vs Shure SE215 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • Both the Westone UM Pro 10 and the Shure SE215 are in-ear wired earbuds with a 3.5mm jack, and neither contains a microphone.

    • On Amazon, the Shure SE215 is extremely popular.

    • The Westone UM Pro 10’s dimensions are 53 x 1 x 1 inches, while the Shure SE215’s dimensions are 7.8 x 3.2 x 2.1 inches.

    • The Shure SE215 is a lightweight microphone that weighs only 13 grammes, whereas the Westone UM Pro 10 weighs only 19 grammes.

    • The Shure SE215 Pro is less expensive.
      The Westome UM Pro 10 is constructed of plastic, whereas the Shure SE215 is constructed of foam.

     Westone UM Pro10

    Shure SE215 PRO Wired Earbuds

    Westone UM Pro 10

    Shure SE215




    Ear Placement

    In Ear

    In Ear

    Connectivity Technology



    Model Name

    UM Pro 10

    SE215 PRO

    Material Type



    Product Dimensions

    53 x 1 x 1 inches

    7.8 x 3.2 x 2.1 inches

    Item Weight

    0.7 ounces

    0.48 ounces

    Compatible Devices



    FAQS :

    Some customers reported that the audio on the Westone Um Pro 10 didn't operate during everyday use. What can I do to make sure this doesn't happen again?

    There's nothing you can do about it. A MMCX cable's normal lifespan is 6 to 12 months; however, because westone's lifespan is significantly shorter, they provide a free exchange within 3 months of the original purchase date. Your best bet is to acquire one from a different manufacturer.

    The Westone Um-2s are what I have. Are these comparable, and can I use the same custom ear moulds I made for them?

    Answer: These are the most modern single driver universal models, and the UM Pro 20 dual driver is the most close to the previous UM-2. The nozzle size of the earpiece has not changed, thus your custom moulded eartips will fit on the newer models. Please contact us at if you have any further questions. Have a wonderful day! Westone Audio, CW

    I'm a Twitch streamer, and I'm wondering if these are useful for mintoring everything? I despise wearing headphones.

    Use them in a live performance context, to be sure. I'm not sure what more to say. They're perfect for it!

    I just hooked up the uh 10 to my iPod, and it sounds tinny. Should I have gone with the "w" series instead?

    These are primarily used for live performances or public speaking. It produces "real sound," allowing you to combine instruments with voices while hearing everything clearly. With that said, it almost totally eliminates the low and. It has a high-mid and tone to it. Two bass drivers are included in the UM PRO 20s. I hope this information is useful.

    Is it possible for me to get away from my mother's yelling?

    It depends on how loud she is. Why are you being shouted at, Riley? Earbuds will not fix this problem. I can almost guarantee that if you're wearing them while she yells, you're going to scream back. Sound isolation is beneficial, but moms are far superior. THIS IS NOT A MOM FILTER.

    Is this item compatible with the Xvive u4 wireless IEM system?

    Answer: Yes, it will work if it includes a 3.5mm headphone connector.

    Is it okay if I use it at the gym? Is it sweat and water resistant? Will it stay in my ears for the duration of my workout?

    Answer: They're probably not the best pick for working out in the gym. In terms of moisture, I can only speak from personal experience. I wear them onstage, and I sweat buckets during a performance. I usually take them out between sets to dry them out, but they have never failed me. I'm guessing sweat is fine, but I can't assure it. They remain in my ears alright, but I'm not sure about working out with them. Maybe.

    Is it compatible with the xvive u4 iem wireless system (no additional adaptor required)?

    Yes, it is possible to connect it to xvive. These in-ears attach without the need for a specific adapter, which I also use. Description: Westone UM Pro 10 vs Shure SE215

    About this item – Westone UM Pro10 High Performance Single Driver Noise-Isolating in-Ear Monitors-Orange, 78392, Pro 10 (UM Pro 10)

    1. Westone’s professional-grade MMCX Audio Twisted Cable is made with high-strength, high-flex, ultra-low resistance tensile wire reinforced with a proprietary aramid fibre. The MMCX Audio Connectors and a 3.5mm stereo socket are twisted to help reduce cable noise and keep the cable light, flexible, and comfortable. Westone’s MMCX Audio Cable is designed to resist the rigours of the road and is ideal for use on-stage or for personal listening.
    2. The Westone UM Pro 10 has a single balanced-armature full-range driver with 114 dB @ 1 mW sensitivity, a frequency response of 20Hz to 16kHz, and an impedance of 19 ohms @ 1 kHz.
    3. The UM Pro 10 has a patented single balanced-armature driver that reproduces a dynamic soundscape with all the precision and clarity that musicians have come to expect from a professional in-ear monitor. The UM Pro 10 was designed and developed for professional musicians to perform in the most demanding conditions and to meet the needs of the most discriminating musician or music fan. Technology for Connectivity: In The Box: One set of Westone UM Pro 10 in-ear monitors, MMCX Audio Twisted Cable, 5 pairs of Patented STAR Silicone Eartips, five pairs of TRUE-FIT Comfort Foam Eartips, an Impact-Resistant Monitor Vault, and a Cleaning Tool are included in the purchase.
    4. THE WORLD’S SMALLEST, LOWEST PROFILE ERGONOMIC DESIGN: THE WORLD’S SMALLEST, LOWEST PROFILE ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The UM Pro 10 is exceptionally comfortable and can be worn for hours on end. It was designed and manufactured to perform in the most demanding circumstances. Our silicone and comfort foam eartips improve the performance of our in-ear monitors by providing better noise isolation and a better fit.

    About this item – Shure SE215 PRO Wired Earbuds – Professional Sound Isolating Earphones, Clear Sound & Deep Bass, Single Dynamic MicroDriver, Secure Fit in Ear Monitor, Plus Carrying Case & Fit Kit – Black (SE215-K)

    1. You can stay connected to any device no matter where you are.

    2. A compact carrying case is a tangle-free, convenient way to store and transport your headphones.

    3. Durable reinforced cable—Easily replaceable or customisable. The flexible wire ensures a secure fit, while the over-the-ear design keeps cords out of the way. A lock-snap mechanism on the gold-plated MMCX Connector allows for 360-degree rotation for a comfortable fit.

    4. PERSONALIZED FIT: The flex and black foam sleeves come in three sizes (S, M, and L). Experiment with different sizes and styles to find the perfect fit.

    5. What is included in the box? The SE215 PRO Detachable Sound Isolating Earphones, 3.5mm cable, fit kit with a selection of sleeves for the optimal fit, 1/4″ adapter, and carrying case are all included in the package.

    6. SECURE, OVER-THE-EAR DESIGN- The wireform fit keeps the earphones in place and the cords out of the way.

    7. Promising musicians have tested it on the road. For casual listening or professional monitoring, the SE215 delivers clear sound with improved bass.

    8. Sound isolating technology: it eliminates distractions by blocking up to 37 decibels of noise. With a design that keeps earphones in and noise out during exercise or travel, you’ll have the most immersive listening experience possible.

    9. Long Extension Build Quality: Engineered to withstand the rigours of professional use for a lifetime of service. Take a look at what we’re made of.

    10. A single, vented, balanced armature driver produces a stunning full-range sound. Listen to music the way it was intended.