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Cuisinart TOA-65 vs Breville BOV900BSS – Comparison Oven Airfryer

    Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer






    Breville BOV900BSS the Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro

    Cuisinart TOA-65 vs Breville BOV900BSS

    Cuisinart TOA-65 vs Breville BOV900BSS : For oven airfryers, Cuisinart TOA-65 and Breville BOV900BSS are both excellent choices, but which one is the best? We’re comparing the Cuisinart TOA-65 and the Breville BOV900BSS to see which one is better.

    Cuisinart TOA-65 vs Breville BOV900BSS – Quick Comparison Summary

    • On, the Breville BOV900BSS is extremely popular. A Cuisinart TOA-65 is a good comparison.

    • The Cuisinart TOA-65 is less expensive.

    • The weight of the Cuisinart TOA-65 is 20.3 pounds, while the weight of the Breville BOV900BSS is 38.9 pounds.

    • Both the Cuisinart TOA-65 and the Breville BOV900BSS are made of stainless steel and include an 1800-watt motor.

    • Cuisinart’s TOA-65 oven fries up to 3 pounds, while Breville’s BOV900BSS has a 14-pound capacity.

    • Cuisinart’s TOA-65 features nine cooking functions, whereas Breville’s BOV900BSS has thirteen.

    • Both the Cuisinart TOA-65 and the Breville BOV900BSS have a slow cooking setting as well as the ability to air fry.

    • The dimensions of the Cuisinart TOA-65 are 17 x 21.73 x 15.75 inches, whereas the dimensions of the Breville BOV900BSS are 17.5 x 21.5 x 12.7 inches.

    Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer

    Breville BOV900BSS the Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro

    Cuisinart TOA-65

    Breville BOV900BSS




    Product Dimensions

    17 x 21.73 x 15.75 inches

    17.5 x 21.5 x 12.7 inches

    Item Weight

    20.3 pounds

    38.9 pounds

    Item model number





    Stainless Steel



    Brushed Stainless Steel

    Cooking Setting



    Slow Cooking Setting




    3 lb

    14 lb

    FAQS :

    What are the dimensions of the airfryer toaster oven with convection?

    LxWxH The dimensions listed in the Amazon description are for the box, not the oven. The oven's external measurements are 16" W x 12.375" D x 13.75" H. Plastic standoffs in the back add another 1.75" to the depth, plus another 2" for the handle, for a total depth of little over 16" from wall to handle. With the pan placed, the inside measures about 12" W x 11" D and has around 4.75" of useful height.

    Is it stainless steel on the inside?

    Answer: Instead of this air fryer, I have a large Cuisinart toaster oven. However, the architecture is nearly identical, even down to the simple electronic controls. So, in terms of cleaning...... Aluminum foil should be used to line the pull-out crumb tray and replaced every 3-4 weeks. Done. The heated air will discolour the exterior finish around the door, the glass, the handle, and even the outer casing and area around the controls as it carries moisture containing food products. Don't use kitchen cleaning products for this. In a clearcoat finish, use a metal polish with a very fine abrasive or an automobile polish designed to remove paint scratches (e.g. SWIX). The brown food discolorations will come out in minutes, and you'll only have to do it every 6-12 months. The polish works on both the inside and exterior of the glass. I've been putting my baking tray and racks in the dishwasher for ten years and have had no problems.

    Is there a magic formula for converting normal air fryer recipes to the Cuisinart air fryer without them burning?

    Reduce the temperature of your recipes by 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Other air fryers run hotter than the Cuisinart air fryer oven. My Cuisinart toaster oven is likewise quite hot, and if I don't adjust the temperature and/or time, the cookies will burn.

    What makes this superior to the $269 "breville® smart convection oven pro"?

    Answer: I have a Smart Oven Pro and recently upgraded to the Smart Oven Air, which has a lot of upgrades over the Pro. - When you open the door, the light turns on and the timer pauses - the door can be left open an inch to four inches without slamming shut - Rotate remind reminds you to rotate your pans halfway through the cooking cycle - They've added a fan to cool the sensitive front display and control electronics to protect it from heat-related failures - Redesigned convection fan for even air flow around your food - 2 year warranty versus 1 year for the Pro - 1 cubic foot interior volume versus.8 for the Pro - Fits standard quarter baking sheets and larger casserole dishes up to 16 inches wide, whereas the Pro only fits pans no wider than 14 inches wide - Signal beep volume is now adjustable and can be silenced if needed - Includes two racks instead of one - They've added a dehydration feature - They've added a proofing feature for rising dough - They've added a super convection fan setting that boosts the fan speed for better crisping - This oven has one extra upper element making six elements total, whereas the Pro has five elements, two lower and three upper - This oven has a mirrored When the fans are on, this oven is louder than the Pro. Not only is this oven physically larger than the Pro, but it also includes a slew of new functions and can take the place of a number of kitchen appliances.

    Are there any non-stick walls in the interior? I'm curious about the voltage...does it necessitate anything special?

    It does, in fact, have non-stick walls. To clean, use a non-abrasive liquid cleaner and a soft, damp sponge. Pour the liquid onto the sponge. The voltage is 110 volts. Watts are equal to 1800. The oven should be run on a separate circuit from other appliances, according to the experts. Just a suggestion, I purchased an oven liner to place in the bottom of a standard electric oven. Cut it to suit the breville's tray that slides out from the bottom. The pull-out tray is not non-stick. It's simple to clean up afterward. This is the second time I've used a Breville oven. I chose the 900 model because it is larger and can accommodate 9x13 pans. I gave my smaller oven to my son. This oven is one of my favourites. The lighting is excellent, and the air fryer produces ideal frozen French fries. I baked a ten-pound ham for Easter. It's known as "mom's quick bake oven" in my house. Just to distinguish it from an ordinary oven. Description: Cuisinart TOA-65 vs Breville BOV900BSS

    About this item – Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer, Digital Convection Toaster Oven, Silver

    • When you use a specially designed 1800-watt motor, fan, and heater to fry food, you get high-speed, high-heat airflow with very little noise.

    • There are other possibilities for customising your cooking: Time is adjustable, with preset ranges for each function;a wide temperature range (80°F to 450°F);Defrost and high/low convection fan speeds are available as options.

    • The air fry function and settings make frying wings, fries, nuggets, munchies, and vegetables a breeze.

    • To slow cook, braise, and more, use the low temperature option. Dehydrating and proofreading functions are also included.

    • Bake, broil, pizza, roast, toast, bagel, reheat, warm, and dual cook are just a few of the toaster oven operations.

    About this item – Breville BOV900BSS the Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro, Countertop Convection Oven, Brushed Stainless Steel

    • LCD Display: LCD display for easy access to all cooking functions and the built-in smart features. When the pre-heat is complete, the LCD automatically starts counting down the cooking time for ideal results.

    • Product Warranty: 2 YEARS LIMITED WARRANTY; Voltage: 110-120V; Power: 1800W

    • Extra-large interior measures Slow cooking in a 5-quart Dutch oven and air-frying French friesMost 9 x 13 inch pans and 12 cup muffin tins will fit.

    • Accessories include: a 9 x 13 inch broil rack and an enamel roasting pan; a mesh basket rack for drying and air frying; and a mesh basket rack for drying and air frying.Two oven racks; a 9 x 13 inch broil rack and an enamel roasting pan; and a mesh basket rack for dehydrating and air frying.

    • An integrated oven light turns on at the end of the cooking cycle to help you see inside.It can be activated at any time to track your progress. Components that can be replaced, such as your standard large oven,

    • The Breville Smart Oven Air with Element iQ System is a multi-functional countertop oven that can roast, air fry, and dehydrate food. Choose from 13 cooking settings and save up to 30% on cooking time with super convection. An inner oven light is included.

    • Smart algorithms direct electricity to where and when it’s needed, using six separate quartz elements to produce the optimal cooking environment.

    • There are no cold spots in the food because of sensors and digital PID temperature control. This allows for accurate and consistent cooking.

    • French fries and other family favourites can be fried in the air. Crispy golden air-fried dishes are produced by combining higher temperatures with super convection (maximised air movement).

    • AT 2 SUPER CONVECTION TECHNOLOGY speeds, the convection fan (super & standard) enables greater cooking control and dehydrates a wide range of foods, up to 4 trays of goodness at once. Super convection distributes heat evenly and quickly by supplying a larger volume of hot air. Ideal for dehydrating, air frying, and roasting,

    • 13 cooking activities: 13 functions guide you to perfection in this super flexible countertop oven and air fryer: Broiling, baking, roasting, warming, pizza, proofing, air frying, reheating, cookies, slow cooking, and dehydrating