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EufyCam E vs Arlo Pro 2 – Comparison And FAQS…

    Wireless Home Security Camera System, eufy Security, eufyCam E 365-Day Battery Life






    Arlo VMS4230P-100NAS Pro 2 – Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren

    EufyCam E vs Arlo Pro 2

    EufyCam E vs Arlo Pro 2 : Which is better, When it comes to home security camera systems, the EufyCam E or the Arlo Pro 2 are both excellent choices, but which is the best? In our EufyCam E vs Arlo Pro 2 comparison review, we’re looking to see which product is the better overall value.

    EufyCam E vs Arlo Pro 2 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • When compared to the EufyCam E, the Arlo Pro 2 is extremely popular on

    • It is less expensive to use the Eufycam E wireless home security camera system.

    • The EufyCam E does not have any zoom options, unlike the Arlo Pro 2, which offers an 8X digital zoom.

    • Whereas Arlo Pro 2 provides Zoom Options as well as IFTTT, Motion Zones, Downloadable Clips, and 3-second Look Back, EufyCam E does not have any of these features.

    • Neither the EufyCam E nor the Arlo Pro 2 include weatherproofing, night vision, 1080P HD high quality video, a mobile app, voice control with Amazon Alexa, a USB backup, alerts and reports, a siren, or two-way communication capabilities.

    • The battery life of the Arlo Pro 2 is just 3 months, but the battery life of the EufyCam E is up to 1 year.

    • The field of view of the Eufycam E is 140 degrees, whereas the field of view of the Arlo Pro 2 is 130 degrees.

    • The EufyCam E video storage can be used for up to three months, while the Arlo Pro storage can be used for seven days of cloud recording for free each month.

    Wireless Home Security Camera System, eufy Security, eufyCam E 365-Day Battery Life

    Arlo VMS4230P-100NAS Pro 2 – Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren

    EufyCam E

    Arlo Pro 2


     Eufy security


    Connectivity Technology

    Wireless, Wired


    Battery Life

    365-day Battery Life

    Rechargeable battery

    Works with Amazon Alexa



    Product Dimensions

    9 x 7 x 7 inches

    9.92 x 9.69 x 4.96 inches

    Item Weight

    2.26 pounds

    10.9 ounces


    2 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

    2 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

    Battery Life

    Up to 1 year

    Up to 3 months

    Cloud Storage


    7 Day Free

    3-Second Look Back



    24/7 Recording



    Voice Control

    Amazon Alexa

    Amazon Alexa

    Operating Temperature Range

    -4 to 122 def (F)

    -4 to 113 deg (F)

    FAQS :

    Wind causes a lot of false motion detection on my ring security camera. Has anyone have a problem with this camera's misleading motion detection?

    Answer: I was receiving a lot of false motion detections straight out of the box on my outdoor-mounted cameras, but after adjusting the sensitivity, it's functioning much better. On windy days, I barely receive one or two false motion detections from my three outdoor cameras, if that, but I do get motion detection of neighbourhood cats in my yard, which I like. (I'm not concerned about the cats; I just enjoy watching them.)

    What will be the homeBase's method of connecting to my network?

    Answer: The original eufy cam E home base does not connect wirelessly; an Ethernet cable is required. To set up the Home Base 2 for the Eufy 2 and 2C, you'll need an Ethernet wire, and after it's up and running, you can connect via WiFi. My family is connected via a 50-foot Ethernet connection so that home base can be as close to the front door as possible to reach the parking garage and driveway cameras in their apartment complex.

    Is WiFi required for setup and operation, or will the system work without it recording on a memory disc?

    To set up the Homebase, it must be connected to the internet through an Ethernet wire. If the Homebase does not have internet access after setup, the videos will be kept on the SD card.

    Is it possible to use this gadget with Google products?

    Answer: I use it with my Google Home hub, and I can display the image from the cameras on it using voice commands.

    Do the cameras need to be connected to the internet?

    VMS4230P is the answer. Yes, the cameras use your WiFi network to connect to the base station.

    Has anyone used these in the sweltering heat of Arizona? Will these work properly if mounted outside, and if so, how long before they melt?

    Answer: I live in Arizona and own four Arlo Pro2 cameras. Since 2017, there have been no problems.

    What iPad model do I require as a home hub for these cameras?

    You don't need an iPad to do this. Your cellphones will function normally. You can use any android or apple tablet instead of your phone if you wish to use it instead of your phone.

    How do you tell when it's time to charge your batteries?

    Answer: When the batteries are about!5% charged, the arlo app on my phone sends me a notification. The app also offers a battery status that you may check at any moment, as previously indicated. If the machine is equipped with the upgraded square batteries, they will last a long time if the parameters are properly configured. I'm referring to the sensitivity levels. It will record every time the wind blows something if the volume is set too high. You can also make it such that it doesn't record any animals. Keep in mind that every time you check the live feed, you're also turning on the camera and using some battery power. I'm not sure what to say about older round batteries that are similar in size to C cells ( but not the same). These, according to what I've heard, did not last long. Description:EufyCam E vs Arlo Pro 2

    About this item -Wireless Home Security Camera System, eufy Security, eufyCam E 365-Day Battery Life, 1080p HD, IP65 Weatherproof, Night Vision, Compatible with Amazon Alexa, 2-Cam Kit, No Monthly Fee

    • Surveillance in Full HD: The combination of 1080p resolution and our superior night vision technology means that footage is recorded in crystal-clear quality day and night.

    • 365-day Battery Life: The wire-free, IP65 weatherproof camera is designed to last 365 days (or 3 years in standby mode) on a single charge, both indoors and out.

    • What’s in it for you? 2x eufyCam E, HomeBase Station (Region A), 2x Magnetic Indoor Mount, 2x Secure Outdoor Mount, 16GB microSD Card (Pre-installed in HomeBase), Ethernet Cable, Micro USB Charging Cable, AC Power Adapter, Warning Sticker, Owner’s Manual, Happy Card

    • Installation is simple: There are three simple ways to install them: 1) attach to the outside mount, 2) adhere to the magnetic mount, and 3) adhere to metallic surfaces.

    • There are no monthly fees for using eufyCam E, and it comes with a 16GB microSD card that can save up to a year’s worth of recordings. (30 second footage, 10 times each day).

    About this item – Arlo VMS4230P-100NAS Pro 2 – Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren, Rechargeable, Night Vision, Indoor/Outdoor, 1080p, 2-Way Audio, Wall Mount, Cloud Storage Included, 2 Camera Kit

    • Power supply solutions that are flexible Use a wire-free, plugged-in system. A battery that can be recharged

    • There are no power cords or wiring hassles, so it is completely wire-free.

    • 1080p HD high-definition video with crisper and brighter details. 1080p HD high-definition video with sharper and brighter details.

    • 7 days of cloud recordings are free. Pro includes 7 days of free cloud recordings on a recurrent basis. For up to 7 days, you can live stream or watch recorded video and audio.

    • Weatherproof Pro cameras are weatherproof, allowing them to be used both indoors and outdoors.